Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's the Word Wednesday: Bud. Breasts. Blood. Booze.

One of Mrs. Scibe's students wrote a review of the newly released Jason Flick: The 12th in the ice hockey mask ShriekFest.

"Mrs. Scribe, I've got writer's block."

"Just write about what you saw."

"All I saw was hard-core partying. And too much skin. Lots of blood, too."

"Did you like the film?"

"I think it was all too much information."

"Write your opinion. What does the flick feature?"

"Budweiser. And Boobs. Blood. Oh, and Booze, too."

A female Cherub interjects right here: "I don't think you can say 'Boobs.' This is a family newspaper, isn't it?"

Bud. Breasts. Blood. Booze.

And so, a Classic Newspaper Lede is born.
Editor's Note: Yet another of Mrs. Scribe's submissions in the Random Complexity Writing Challenge. This one weighs in at 109 words.


Lynda said...

I like the female Cherub :-)

Teri said...

That is a riot. At least she was thinking of the poor sensitive readers. :-)

Susie said...

That is too funny but probably accurate:-)

Marrdy said...

She is right on the spot. How cute is that? (AND I hate Friday the 13th, at least the first one.)

Deanna said...

That picture gives me the creeps. Tales of Desperaux is more my style!

Z's Mom said... the review!!!!

MammaDawg said...

LOL - sounds like you've got a diplomat there, Mrs. Scribe...

LOVE it. :)

kimber p said...

I've been a Friday the 13th fan since I saw the original in high school--and here I am at 43, and I can't wait to go see the remake with my friends so we can all do the "jason chant" during the movie :)


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