Tuesday, February 24, 2009

IDK...My BFF Verizon?

The Scribe family has been stuck in the old Cingular commercial for some time now.

Both girls, but most particularly Ella Numera Dos, use texting as their preferred form of cellular communication. Mr. Fairway, therefore, purchased the "Unlimited Texting" option from Verizon.

Then we got the bill: $50 above our regular charges. But why?

Ella Numera Dos had exceeded her "Unlimited Texting" allowance.

Big sis, Ella Numera Una, laughed & laughed. Until the following month. Another $50 charge. Seems she'd gone overboard, as well.

Don't try to make sense of any of it. We just hope our children don't end up with some strange thumb malady later in life.


Deanna said...

Boggles my mind that you can go OVER the unlimited texting limit. Is that considered a special talent?

Tara R. said...

If she didn't have texting our college kid wouldn't know how to communicate. She has 'unlimited' texting too. I need to go check of phone bill now.

Susie said...

My daughter pays for her own texting/phone if she goes over. It makes her very aware of what is going on.

mannequin said...

Hi Melissa! I don't think you checked your email :) You're a winner at Fractured Toy, email me!

HappyChyck said...

So, it's not really UNLIMTED? Good to know.

Veggie Mom said...

Limits to unlimited. Figures, don't it?

Columbia Lily said...

how is that possible? Isn't that the definition of irony, or oxymoron or something? I would have a chat with the cingular people about the misleading statements of their alleged "unlimited" plan.

Aerin said...

Hey M! You're really good about this anyway, but here's my friendly PSA:

Hi, I'm stopping by to remind you about the 2009 Writing Challenge I'm hosting. Make sure to check in!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I love that commercial.

Thank you for your kind words on SITS today - you are so sweet!


Marrdy said...

I got my last cell big and it was $660. Needless to say I was a screaming mommy...I totally lost it. I called the nice Verizon people and they made a little adjustment for me. Kids, and texting. But I do love the commerical. So funny!


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