Monday, February 23, 2009

Hyperbole Hits Home

Editor's Note: Mrs. Scribe cleaned (most) of her desk today...inside & out! Along with throwing away countless piles of flotsam & jetsam, she came across a couple of notes from former students. This one stands out. It's the one Mrs. Scribe intends to re-read every time she needs to be reminded of why she wanders into Our Humble High School every morning at the crack of dawn!

Dear Mrs. Scribe,
First off, kudos to you and your amazing teaching abilities. Not to get mushy, but I am so fortunate to have ended up in your AP Lang class. Not only did I somehow come out with very useful essays, but being on the [newspaper] and [yearbook staffs] has been AWESOME. I am only sorry that I flubbed and got a 3 on the exam. :) (Pshh...collegeboard...what do they know anyway?) My score, however, is no reflection of what I learned. Clearly you MUST know what a great and influential teacher you are. After many kids and their parents raised all hell this year when they were pulled out of your super-fantastic classes [because of schedule changes].

Along with your stellar and creative teaching abilities, you're also a great advice-giver. Not only on education-related things, but life in general. Every story you tell, particularly the more humorous ones, all come to me like a little personal essay with some piece of mind to share. :) I'll definitely miss hearing about past [newspaper] staffs and about your cute John Belushi hubby [Mr. Fairway was accused, in his youth, of resembling the late SNL star].

The big one, though, has to be college-related stuff. [Insert name of big-time university here] is definitely the place for me and you (though you may not have been consciously aware) guided me through some mass confusion.

I am also super-duper grateful for all of those letters of rec you helped me out with for both colleges & scholarships. I'm at $6,100 in scholarship money right now and there's potential for more before the year ends (cross your fingers!).

Now that I've sung your praises, here's what I've been thinking about: Journalism! At the [insert important benevolent organization's name here] scholarship reception, [insert name of a big-time magazine editor here]...really got me thinking. I really loved the excitement of all the reporters loving their jobs.

In general, [the big-time editor's] story of wanting to be a doctor, then a lawyer, then freaking her parents out & becoming a journalist really caught my attention. I guess I just wanted to let you know that was on my mind :) and helped put it there. :)

Well, Mrs. Scribe, that's all I have to say for now. I need to save some thank-yous for the end of the year. You're a GREAT teacher; what else is there to say? I only hope my professors are as intriguing, funny and inspiring as you (corny moment, but oh-so-true!).

A Cherub from the Class of '03


Lynda said...

What a WONDERFUL letter! You should be so very proud of yourself :-)

Tara said...

Aww how sweet!!

Veggie Mom said...

What an awesome note...actually, it's much more than a note, isn't it? And the fact that a high school student wrote this makes your accomplishments that much more awesome!

Z's Mom said...

Awwww....that is so nice and thoughtful that they would write you to tell you all of that. Way to go!!!!

Marrdy said...

What a great letter. I loved my English teacher in High School and have often thought of writing her something similar. You really deserve this!

LadyStyx said... awesome is that?

Columbia Lily said...

don't you love those letters? And it is amazing how one letter from one student can make you feel better about the other 139 ungrateful wretches. =)

Blog Stalker said...

Kudos and congratulations! When a student can look back and see how great an influence you were, thats when you really know how great you are.

Have a great day!

HappyChyck said...

What a beautiful letter! I think I might cry! Those are the notes that keep us going.

Susie said...

I suppose that is why you teach! Great letter:-)

Anonymous said...

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