Friday, February 6, 2009

Fx4: Yoshio on the Streets

Mrs. Scribe told Yoshio's story last month, & followed up with this post. Above is a portrait of Yoshio captured by a professional photog named Thomas Michael Corcoran. To view more of Corcoran's work, Click Here.

Corcoran posted this expressive snap on his site January 10, along with this explanation: "When I was in College I used to go to the little park next to school. Sometimes I would try to talk to this homeless man. (He is holding my business card in this picture.) To communicate, sometimes I would sing a Japanese nursery rhyme my sister Gina taught me when I was a baby. Little did I know that was Yoshio Nakada's preferred method of communication." Corcoran then posted a link to The Washington Post story about Yoshio's death.

Ella Numera Una met Yoshio during a summer internship last year. That child learned more during a 3-month volunteer assignment at Miriam's Kitchen than in all of her 3+ years of college combined!

The DC Police have not yet solved the case, but they're offering a reward for info leading to an arrest. If you'd like more info on how you can help folks like Yoshio thru Miriam's Kitchen, please Click Here.

Playing along today, butofcourse, with Candid Carrie & her Friday Foto Finish Fiesta...Fx4 is one of the places to view Superior Snaps each week. The other being, natch, The Scholastic Scribe's Silly Sunday Sweepstakes...Sx3, for short.


Susie said...

Such a sad story to invoke such a great cause.

Candid Carrie said...

Thanks for keeping us current.


Ann On and On... said...

I am glad you took this opportunity and say kind words as well as share his story. I'm not sure when money became more important than a human life, but it was a very sad (undated) day in history.

jen721 said...

Very candid photo. Thanks for the update.

Veggie Mom said...

This is a Seriously Super Snap. Thanks for keeping this story-and Yoshio's memory-alive for us!

Tara R. said...

I truly hope there is justice for Yoshio. He sounds like a wonderfully, intricate person.

Z's Mom said...

You know this is such a sad story....but look at all of the good that has come from it. Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen so that more good things will follow. I don't know...just trying to make sense out of a senseless thing.


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