Thursday, February 19, 2009

All Tied Up With Brian Williams

Mrs. Scribe wants to know: What's so freakin' fascinating about Brian Williams' ties?

An Ohio high school English teacher seems to think the NBC Nightly News Anchor's neckwear has the write stuff for news & notes; she maintains a site devoted exclusively to critiquing Williams' cravats.

The Brian Williams Tie Report Archives started 2 years ago, with this entry:

"Tonight's tie was oceanic blue with a pewtery cast," wrote Nance from Northeast Ohio...perhaps Cleveland? "It had a classic foulard print, much like one might find in the endpapers of a Dickens classic bound in leather and shelved in the library of a British former poet laureate. This tie was not stodgy, but had the staid presence of a trusted valet who would not only lay out the correct cravat, but also see to it that the laundress folded your socks, never rolled them."

Nance the Neckwear Critic blogs about BW's tie choices 5 nites a week. She notes fashion trends & faux pas, & even has a category labeled TWSNLBRAINDTM--Tie Which Shall No Longer Be Reviewed And Is Now Dead To Me.

The Tie Report is a quick, quirky read. Nance told The Washington Post in November that she finds ties "slightly ridiculous" (That's Post verbiage, not a direct quote from the critic.)

For the record, Nance has 2 other blogs that have also piqued Mrs. Scribe's curiosity. At The Department of Nance, readers can learn all kinds of funky things, including how to write a "Snarku." That's a 2-stanza Haiku, with a snarky bent to it (last Friday's Series of Snarkus is seriously a laugh riot!)

The Prolific Poster also runs Stuff on Our List with a guy named Jared, or JPD for short. This blog appears to be a collection of lists, including 5 Things People Have to Stop Doing, and 5 Things You Miss About College But Don't Realize It. All the "Stuff" is compiled in lists of 5 for some reason. The College post, BTW, was posted at 4:36 a.m., for what it's worth.

But back to Brian Williams' ties for a moment. The Tie Report's "Reading Level" is Genius. You might recall that back in December, The Scholastic Scribe only received a High School Rating. But no snarkiness here. Knot I!


Susie said...

That is tooooooo funny! It's a slow news day when you are talking about the anchor's neckwear:-) Hee, hee, hee:-)

Tara R. said...

I never notice stuff like that. Now I'll be checking out every talking head's tie.

Lynda said...

I love the word, "snarky," and it should be used WAY more often!

Nance said...

Thanks so much for the bloglove, TSS. Just an FYI, "the guy named Jared" is my son. And please hang out over at Stuff, the Dept. and of course, The Report any old time. Speaking of the latter, did you know it was featured in The TV Guide's "Hot List" a while back? And I got a nice mention from Conan O'Brien, too. LOL. So nice to be noticed!

Veggie Mom said...

Ties? Knot for moi! I prefer the open-necked look, myself...


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