Saturday, January 3, 2009

This Bling's for You...And for Me!

Another Bit o' Bling is out there just for the taking, Bloggy Brothers & Sisters! Well, it's a bit more serious than that, but the Ninth Annual Weblog Awards, known in the Bloggy Biz as The 2009 Bloggies, are now underway.

But in order to get yourself recognized, you have to get nominated. And a Nomination for The Bloggies is just a click away!

The Bestower of this Bloggy Bling calls the contest "the Web's longest-running blog awards." And the entire process originates within the Cyber-Community. "The nominations, finalist selection, and votes are all up to you, the blog reader," says Nikolai Nolan, whose inspiration created The Bloggies in 2001. "So get your votes in and discover which blogs are this year's champions."

None of us can vote for a Favorite Blogger (Like The Scholastic Scribe, perhaps?) unless that Fave gets Nominated, so Here's What You're Gonna Hafta Do:

  • Click Here. You'll see a Cyber-Ballot, laid out horizontally, meaning you're gonna have to scroll to the right to get the info you need and nominate the blogs you want.
  • Read the instructions before you jump into the nominations process.
  • Then start filling out your ballot. You need to nominate at least 3 blogs, in any category you wish. Make sure you nominate your picks in the proper categories; for example, you wouldn't nominate The Scholastic Scribe in the Best Asian Weblog category, because Mrs. Scribe plainly doesn't blog from Asia!
  • Make sure each of your picks includes a URL. That would be the http:// address. For example, The Scholastic Scribe's URL is (are ya pickin' up any hints yet?).
  • Scroll all the way to the end of the ballot and type in the two words in the "comment moderation" section. Then, type in your e-mail.
  • A "ballot verification" message will be sent to your e-mail. Please click on the link in that e-mail to verify your ballot. Then you're done!
  • You may nominate blogs in more than one category, as long as you nominate a total of 3 blogs over all 30 categories.
  • You may only nominate once per e-mail account!
  • Nominations close at 10 p.m., EST on January 12, so Let's Get Crackin'!
  • After the nominations are tallied, voting for the 2009 Bloggies begins on January 22. Winners~get this~will be announced at the South-by-Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin this coming March. Winners get a) The much-deserved recognition; b) A certificate; c) Unspecified prizes, and d) The Weblog of the Year winner receives 2,009 cents~that's $20.09!
  • Finalists, BTW, receive a discount to attend the ceremony in Austin, which might be worth it, being as it's Austin, and all...

Your Humble Scribe found out about The Bloggies from some Kind Cyber-Friends, who wish to remain anonymous & happened to nominate The Scholastic Scribe in the following categories:

  • Best Writing of a Weblog
  • Best-Kept Secret Weblog
  • Best New Weblog (only blogs that started in 2008 are eligible for this one!)

Thanks, in advance, for casting your nominating vote for The Scholastic Scribe. Remember, we lost in the balloting for Edublog's Best Individual Blog Contest by Only 9 Votes! Every nomination counts...please do your part to get Your Intrepid Scribe on The 2009 Bloggies Ballot!


Veggie Mom said...

I nominated you, from 4 different e-mails! Don't tell anyone...this can be our little secret?

Mama H said...

Good luck to you with the Bloggie award! I'm here from SITS -- you have a great blog here!

Tara R. said...

Woohoo! Congrats! I will be rocking the vote for you!

Sean Hogan said...

Victor "Macho" Harris. Quite a story, actually. It's a must-read, so I won't even bother summing it up. Here's a good article:

Susie said...

I will totally vote for you!!

And thanks for posting your bling on the slide show. I have been looking for a way to do this on my blog:-) Awesome!

Marrdy said...

Good luck!! You got my vote.

kendoku said...

Just left a nomination.

Also, I'd like to share my puzzle website with you,

It is a place where you can play online KenKen games. According to Wikipedia, KenKen is logic and math puzzle developed by a Japanese mathematics teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto for the classroom.

Also, other teachers have found it useful with their students.

Thank you for your time and again I hope this was not too much of an intrusion.


Anji said...

Whooo I did it I nominated you!!! Good Luck!

melissa said...

i'm off to do some nominating!!
good luck!

♥georgie♥ said...

well how cool is that! Here from SITS now off to vote

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Comgras om advance - look at all this fun support. :) Over from SITS.

Eudea-Mamia said...

OK, so to be fair, I have to confess I also voted for myself in Best Kept Secret Blog category. Who am I kidding, though?

You got my vote in all three.

Nothing wrong with a little competition? Right?

Peace, and may the best blog (yours) win! said...

Ooh - this is awesome - congrats for the nom!!

Gonna go think of a couple more blogs to nominate with yours so I can rock the vote!!

Koe Whitton-Williams said...

Melissa, thanks for all your comments. . . I'm off to nominate, vote twice (in the Chicago tradition) and you know, I only want an invitation to attend the awards ceremony. Nothing special.


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