Saturday, January 17, 2009

Heavy Traffic Ticket

Parts of Downtown DC have been declared a "Prostitution-Free Zone" in honor of the Inauguration of our 44th President.

This means that any two or more people found hanging out in this area and engaging in the World's Oldest Profession will be arrested and fined $300.

The Alert Web site DC List posted this sweet snap yesterday and noted the following about the recent declaration by the Metropolitan Police Department: "The best part? [The sign] has an expiration date, as though at all other times, hookers have free reign over downtown Washington--hey, at least the MPD is honest."

DC has had a prostitution problem in the past, and the Ladies of the Nite can still be seen congregating in select areas of the city, including downtown. Along with Transgender & Gay hookers, too. There...Now Mrs. Scribe has used Several Salacious Words in one post. Do you think that will up her Blog Rating any?

This snap is Superior Enough for Your Humble Scribe's Super Sunday Sweepstakes, ain't it? But no, Dear Readers...we have one that's Even Better. Please come back tomorrow to check it out!


Clix said...

*gasp* MeLISSa! My innocent eyes are shocked - SHOCKED, I tell you!

Here's my question, though - does that mean if the lady is working solo she doesn't get in trouble?! I'm confused!!!

Candid Carrie said...

You see, I am so naive. I thought whenever two or more of them of are gathered in my name ... I never knew that was about prostitutes! I thought it had something to do with Jesus. Although sometimes they shout out "Sweet Jesus" during a deal so perhaps it is so.

Tara R. said...

That a sign like that was even a necessity makes my brain hurt.

Rachael said...

Are you serious?

This whole thing just keeps getting more entertaining every day!!

Thanks for interesting and provocative post :-)

dkzody said...

Thanks for leaving the DC area and coming over to California to read my post...nothing as exciting as prostitution!

As for students liking to do all their work from their desks, isn't that the truth. I have a hard time getting the yearbook kids to go out and interview coaches and club advisers. Maybe this is why we have a new wave of journalists out there who want everything to be online.

Z's Mom said...

That is too funny.

Good news for the prostitutes least their jobs can't be outsourced.

Susie said...

Don't you think it should always be a prostitution free zone?

Columbia Lily said...

That is CLASSIC.

Blog Stalker said...

I do a lot of reading of history. What is amazing is how prostitution has been a profession in every kingdom ever on this earth.

Can man overcome his carnal state?

Have a great day!

Bilbo said...

In a final effort to help jump-start the economy, the Bush administration makes a last attempt to shore up businesses by bailing out the sex services industry, allowing free prostitution for all visitors to the inaugural festivities.

Tulsi said...

How funny something has to be posted like this.

HappyChyck said...

I pretend to be so innocent, but I'm so jaded instead. Don't most major cities have a prostitute problem? Or am I just thinking because I've seen more prostitutes Salt Lake City, UT, than any other cities I've visited that all cities have them? (I can't always tell who and who isn't a prostitute here in Sin City.) I guess since there's a expiration to the edict, it can't be the #1 public nuisance, aye?


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