Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why We'd Like to Throw a Shoe...or 2...at Someone

We're celebrating the Delicious Question "Why?" this week. If you'd like to see the rationale for such a Fiesta, please Click Here. Or Here. Or, But Of Course, Here.

To answer the Footware Question Above, one must Consider Mrs. Scribe's Circumstances. The SS Scribe is a Ship with Countless Captains. As a Journalism & AP English Lang Teacher at Our Humble High School, she Adheres to the Dictates of Dozens of Despots...known in High School Land as "Administrators."

"No man goes before his time, unless the boss leaves early," Groucho Marx once famously said.

Your Humble Scribe would like to amend that quote in the context of Today's Post. "No teacher can get any work done, if an Administrator is on the job."

Oh, Mrs. Scribe is such a rebel! No, actually, she's not. Outspoken? Yes. Opinionated? But of course. The First to Jump Into a Fray? Never! We learned Many Moons Ago to let the Young Uns be the Sacrificial Lambs.

Which is what makes Our Educational Heirarchy, as it were, so danged unsettling. Let us illustrate with a Verbal Family Tree.

Superintendent Person is the Big Boss. He Makes GiNORmous Pronouncements. He appears in The Press a lot, & speaks ominously this time every year of Budget Cuts. He also seems to be intent upon purchasing a Really Big, Extremely Expensive New Office Building to House His Immediate Kingdom, which, of course, will be totally immune from said RIFs, cutbacks & general budget-slashing remedies.

After Superintendent Person but before Principal Man are dozens & dozens (we kid you not!) of Middle-Management Types. Assistant Superitendent of This & Curriculum Specialist of That. And one wonders, occasionally, why The School District is Bleeding Benjamins!

Principal Man is the Head Honcho at Our Humble High School. He is new around these here parts. He spent his first year trying to win the Minions of his Serfdom over with Yummy Treats at Faculty Meetings; this year, he's the guy exhorting One & All to Increase Instruction by Interrupting Instruction all the danged time.

Our Humble High School is home to four of those known in this Education Janx as Administrators. Each Administrator is in charge meting out both Encouragement & Punishment to a certain group of students & teachers. For brevity's sake...& because it could be funny...we'll refer to them as Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 & Thing 4. Dr. Seuss never had So Many Crazy Characters!

An Administrator's Job is Never Done. Thing 1, who rides herd over Mrs. Scribe & her Journalista Pancho Villas, is New at Her Job. She Dresses to Impress. She also, apparently, has some kind of previous connection with Principal Man, which Raises Red Flags; let's just say we know Whose Side She's On. As our Grandpa used to say, "You can't trust her as far as you can throw her." And, taking into account her lack of diminutive heft, that would not be very far.

Consider a recent Interaction between Mrs. Scribe & Thing 1. Your Superior Scribbler was summoned to The Office, to atone, we suppose, for Some Imaginary Sins. Someone has to Take the Blame, correctamundo?

"The newspaper is too negative," Thing 1 opined.
"How so?" Your Humble Scribe queried.
"You criticize Our Humble High School too much!"
"I'm sorry...I don't criticize anyone."
"You know what I mean! Your students! The newspaper!"
"In what way?"
"Where are your stories about the Blood Drive? Where are your stories about the Fall Play? Where are your stories about how the New Schedule is Improving Instruction?"
"In the newspaper."
"But at the Admin Meeting last week, Principal Man said the paper's tone is Too Negative!"
"Have you read the paper recently, Thing 1?"

Sputter, sputter. Gasp. Oh. The paper. The newspaper. Containing the stories about the Successful Blood Drive, the Wonderful Fall Play, the Schedule Changes that have...Dare We Say It?...improved instruction!

Let's just say that after the meeting, Mrs. Scribe wished she hadn't missed lunch to take this "meeting." And sorely desired a pair of Size 10 Wingtips to chuck at someone's head!


Eudea-Mamia said...

What an idiot - she hadn't even read it!?

I weep.

Wonder if you've heard about our awesome Superintendent down here in Dallas ISD? Yeah. Wonder why that district is in so much trouble.

Did you know that there actually is an Humble High School? They were our rivals - outside of Houston - Humble, TX (pronounced without the "H" - umble). Odd, I know. Like a lot of things in Texas.

Lynda said...


Koe Whitton-Williams said...


Funny/Sad posting. That the children ultimately pay is criminal.


Oh. . . so true about all hierarchical organizations. There seems to be a rule in our corporation. . . the higher up you go, the more important your decisions, by definition, must be. The more important decisions, also by definition must take longer to make. So. . . any question asked of senior management, must have at least a two week turn - otherwise it wouldn't have required the responsibility level of senior management. . . Never ask an SVP what time it is, um was, I mean, a couple of weeks ago when you first asked.

And of course, the first rule of assigning blame, is never learn the truth. . . (or read the paper or the constitution for that matter) it only slows down the delivery of 'justice.'

Thanks also for your comments on my site.

Koe Whitton-Williams said...

And oh. . . I voted.

Tara R. said...

They're not called Chucka-boots for nothing. Much more substantial than a shoe. Admins are brilliant!

Dawn said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw that!!! How crazy is that!

Columbia Lily said...

These posts are the reason that I love reading your blog...and I am familiar with Eudea-Mamia's superintendent...having taught just outside of Dallas in a district that was so top-heavy it is a wonder it didn't collapse in on itself. And to make it more interesting, in 5 years at one school, I had 4 superintendents, 2 principals and 12 different VPs. Fun Fun Fun.

Marrdy said...

Geez, what is with people? I can surely use a pair of size 10's too. I have a LONG list.

rhymeswithplague said...

As promised, I have begun reading your posts, Mrs. Scribe, in reverse chronological order (that is, from the top of the blog down), and I have a deep need to ask you a question:

Why Do You Use Write With Initial Capitals? Didn't That Go Out Toward The End Of Alexander Pope's Lifetime Or Something?

If this question is too stupid for words, just ignore me. I won't mind. It's been a long time since I was in high school. But Inquiring Minds Want To Know.

rhymeswithplague said...

Use Write --> Write (self-editor engaged).

Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh my...I guess it's the same everywhere. Sigh.


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