Thursday, December 11, 2008

Teachers, Please Secure Your Doors...

We hope it never happens. We drill the Cherubs at Our Humble High School several times a year so that they know what to do if it does.

The various Safety Exercises that we usually Sleep Walk thru each year include a) Fire Drills (2 per month), b) Tornado Drills (2 per year) and c) Lockdown Drills (2 per year). We used to go thru the motions during all three. But since a Twister Touched Down not far from OHHS last spring, we pay teeny-tiny, wee bit more attention to "b"; and since the 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre, in which One of Our Fine Grads Died, we pay a heck of a lot more attention to "c."

The Kids, however, will be...shall we say Kids? Everything is silly to them; even Something Rock-Hard Serious becomes a Big Fat Joke at some time during its existence. Hence, we hesitate to ask the Cherubs to Cower in a Corner during a lockdown drill. They know it's a drill, after all.

Security told us this year that teachers had 2 options: #1, take the class to the corner farthest away from & out of sight of the small glass pane that's imbedded in each classroom door & make them sit closely together; that way (Fingers Crossed) the "Bad Guys" wouldn't see them. Or, #2, we could cover our little peek-a-boo window with paper, so the "Bad Guys" couldn't see into the classroom.

Many of us went for Option #2. Of course, had this been a real lockdown, we would have had to take into consideration the amount of time it would have taken to a) find the paper & tape & cover up the window quickly, and b) the thought that the "Bad Guys" would see us covering up the window & therefore harm us.

But since this was a drill, after all, we covered up the annoying piece of glass that allows others to See Into Our Little World (on a normal day, that would be chiefly smart-aleck kids traipsing about the halls with nothing to do, peering into classrooms to wave to their silly friends).
The kids didn't have to cower in the corner; they were good, and sat quietly at their tables. The drill was over in about 10 minutes.

We took the paper down from our door & went on with our day. Walking down the hall, however, later that morning, we saw a telling sight.

One teacher had dutifully put up the paper on her door, so the "Bad Guys" couldn't see in. But she had secured this ruse on the Outside of the Door.

Think about it.


Veggie Mom said...

On the Outside of the door? What was she thinking? Sounds like she never passed Elementary Physics. I can just see this thought going around and around in her head: Now, if I tape the paper over the window on the Inside of the door, then the only people who can remove it are the ones inside the classroom. But if I tape it up Outside the door, I'll foil the Bad Guys for sure! Huh?

Marrdy said...

Wow, she is a pretty quick thinker to put it up on the outside. And how helpful to the bad guys. They will make her Queen for a Day!

In the olden days we used to do bomb drills...down in the dungeon, in the cold and the dark. Away from the USSR because back then they were the bad guys.

Lynda said...

Like the blonde who locks herself IN the car?

Columbia Lily said...

Ah lockdown favorite. Because teenagers in the dark never misbehave. Ever.

Susie said...

The whole idea of drills makes me sad:-(

Super Ninja Mommy said...

You know, this just makes me sad. I was a senior when Columbine went down... apparently a lot has changed since then.
Oh also, we only had one fire drill a year, and never a tornado drill. If there had been a tornado, we would all be screwed, because the main hall was one giant skylight.

they see me ramblin,' they hatin...' LOL

Tracy P. said...

That is brilliant. The number of teaching minutes lost in the name of security must be staggering. But I suppose every once in a blue moon a life is spared, and for that it would have to be worth it.

BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh. Not so brillant of a move! Sheesh!
That entire situation is so scary!
I remember sitting in a hospital room watching the whole Columbine "thing" play out in front of me. It was horrifying. said...

ROLF! OMG - I soooo needed that laugh. Sounds like she was having an "off" day. And I'm still LMAO!

Gramma 2 Many said...

It makes me so sad that we have to pay any type of attention to a lockdown drill.
I do remember the fire drills and bomb drills. In my neck of the woods, the kids also have earthquake drill.


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