Monday, November 3, 2008

All Posts. All the Time.

Your Humble Scribe learned from Tara R. over at If Mom Says OK that November is National Blog Posting Month. That means all Superior Scribblers need to Get With the Program this month & contribute a Daily Post to the Blogosphere. The last time we checked, there were 121 of y'all out there in Cyberspace, & the list grows by the minute! Can't even tell ya how that news warms the cockles of Mrs. Scribe's heart!

Your Intrepid Scribe, at the time of this writing, is one of 9,971 NaBloPoMo Members. You can View Mrs. Scribe's Page Here. Not quite sure what to do with it; if y'all figure it out, let us know, here?

On a more serious note, The Scholastic Scribe is Darn Proud of our Blogging Output. Since Joining the Blogosphere slightly more than 7 months ago, we've posted a Grand Total of 216 Times. We missed 4 days in August, because of a Death in the Family.

A 30-day challenge to Scribble Daily? Got it covered. Of course, we could get into a Quality vs. Quantity discussion, but we'll just Let You Be The Judge!


Mocha Dad said...

A post a day? Yikes! That's too much pressure on a blogger.

Lady Fi said...

I seem to be churning out nearly a post a day anyway... still, doing it under pressure is quite another thing!

Good luck - and enjoy!

Deb Burton said...

Hi Melissa B, thanks so much for visiting me at TGMT and leaving a comment. I'm really having a lot of fun meeting and greeting women from all around the world. What a blast! And yes, you're right, Fall is the best time to see the corn fields. I especially love watching the farmers work out on their combines. Such a picture of Americana.

Please come back and visit again, I'd love to have you.

Eudea-Mamia said...

I'm totally working on it, but in typical "artiste" style, I can't commit - I'll crack.

I left professional writing to avoid deadlines - so far so good!


Marrdy said...

Wow, one a day. I can hardly check up on everyone once a day. I need to take a writing class or two so my posts get better. Continuing Education here I come!

OKP said...

I totally forgot! THanks for the reminder. Can I make the committment this year? We'll see. THanks for visiting my space over yonder.

storyteller said...

I’m doing my part participating in NaBloPoMo for the second year running on two blogs … crazy, but such is life ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


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