Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wx3: Cancer of the Thought Might Be Bad for Our Heath

And now, Another What's the Word Wednesday: Does The Sad State of the English Language perhaps mirror The Sad State of Things in General?

As reported in The Baltimore Examiner, teacher Wilson Watson taught community college students for 35 years. Along the way, he acquired these gems from his students' work:

  • Some people use bad language and is not even aware of the fact.
  • It’s good I’m doing something with my self; Therefore, I can do better in the foochure.
  • People who murder a lot of people are called masked murderers.
  • I was absent on Monday because I was stopped on the Beltway for erotic driving.
  • Romeo and Juliet exchanged their vowels.
  • Another effect of smoking is it may give you cancer of the thought.
  • Christopher Columbus sailed all over the world until he found Ohio.
  • Michaelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sixteenth Chapel.
  • Society has moved toward cereal killers.
  • Jogging on a woman’s ovaries can be dangerous to her health.

Mrs. Scribe often has been accused of using Bad Language; usually, the circumstances surround sentences like these. More evidence, we suppose, of Cancer of the Thought. We believe strongly, however, that at least a few of these kiddos could benefit from an exchange of vowels.


LadyFi said...

LOL... an exchange of vowels with a few consonants thrown in, perhaps!

Lynda said...

And let's never, ever jog on a woman's ovaries...that would be wrong.

Veggie Mom said... this for real? I think it could be true that the way we express ourselves is a barometer of the way we think, and vice-versa!

Susie said...

I saw something like this on another blog. It's pretty funny:-)

sarah said...

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