Friday, November 7, 2008

I Love You...You Love Me?

Meet The Barney Cabinet. The Holder of All Things Holy...Journalism-wise, at any rate. And the Keeper of Many Secrets Your Humble Scribe cares not to know a thing about.

In a tradition going back way more years than we've been at the helm of the publications for Our Humble High School, The Cherubs have scribbled--on both the outside & the inside--of The Barney Cabinet. If you look really closely at the snap on the right, Kiddos from the Klass of '79 have posted their monikers on the inside of the cabinet door. That's 30 years, folks...When the World was Very, Very Young!

Every classroom at OHHS has a cabinet. All of them--except for Mrs. Scribe's--is of a generic wood color. Ours became Barney Purple way back in 1995 or so, when 2 our our Yearbook Cherubs chose to Go Hog Wild with Purple Paint. On the walls, on the cabinet, on the ceiling, on their feet. Even Ellas Numera Una y Dos participated in these shenanigans. We were a tad sad a few years later when the school district folks came in and painted over their handiwork...everything but The Barney Cabinet, that is!
We especially enjoy the newspaper clipping, shown in the snap on the left, which features a quintessential Harry Truman quote. Don't know where this clip originated, or with whom, but it's priceless: "I never give them hell; I just tell them the truth and they think it is hell."

Pretty much sums up How We Feel. And we believe Candid Carrie, as part of her Friday Foto Finish Fiesta, would agree!


HappyChyck said...

I'm seriously jealous of your cabinet. It reminds me of what the back of our flats looked like when I did drama club. Great memories. Great history.

Clix said...

Actually, I think you can see at least back to '76 (in red, Jon Somebodyorother) - and maybe a jump back to '68 or '69 above that, though I can't read the name behind DUDE!

That is sooo awesome.

LadyFi said...

Great quotation on that newspaper!

Veggie Mom said...

Love the whole concept of The Barney Cabinet. Purple rules!

Eudea-Mamia said...

We had a wall like that in my house growing up - in the back hall closet which happened to be where my mother hung the pencil sharpener. Lots of love notes left there.

When my parents moved out, my mother cried because she couldn't figure out how to take the wall with us. Funny how spontaneous things can become the fabric of your world.

And I love Barney purple!


Tara R. said...

I love that quote. Does it apply to moms and their kids too?


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