Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bling Blong Can't Be Wrong!

Did you know that there's a difference between Bling Bling and Bling Blong? Mrs. Scribe didn't, either, until she was Googling for an appropriate title to this More-Than-Appropriate Post.

We're Ringin' in the Bling over here at The Scholastic Scribe. Once again, a Bloggy Friend has seen fit to add some Flair to our Cyber-Wardrobe. This time, Veggie Mom's the Culprit. She just happens to think This Cyber-Crib is Creative. Mos' Def!

According to Veggie, The My Blog is Pop-tastic! Award "is routed in the tenets of the Pop Art Movement of the '50s and '60s; that cutting-edge tribute to creativity and imagination." She says her blog is a channel for creativity. We couldn't concur more!

Let's lay out the Rules & Regs for this Bloggy Bling:
  1. When you receive The Award, please post it on your blog, linking back to the person who gave it to you.
  2. In addition, please link to This Post, which explains the origins of The Award.
  3. Please visit Veggie Mom's Post , which explains the origins of The Award, and Sign Mr. Linky, so she'll be able to keep a record of all whose Blogs are Pop-tastic! Feel free to leave a comment, too!!
  4. Pass The Award along to SIX Bloggy Friends, whose creativity merits inclusion in this circle. Link to their blogs in your Awards Post, and notify them that they've received The Award!

And now, for The Winners:

  1. Zander & Me: One of our Newest Bloggy Friends. Karla really Mixes It Up, with posts ranging from the poignant to the perfectly silly!
  2. Ritch In Love. Grandma Scribe was one of the Original Stewardesses, Back in the Day. That's why we have a Special Affinity for this modern-day gal, also a New Bloggy Friend, with High-Flying Ideas!
  3. MammaDawg. Who names their 14-year-old Einstein? Seriously, MD is the Original Kick-Ass Blogger. You Go, Girl!
  4. Learn Me Good. Mr. Teacher has a Few Issues with Grammar, but he teaches 3rd Grade in Dallas. We can relate!
  5. TeachJ. He's a Real Journalism Teacher, as opposed to Mrs. Scribe, who just wanted to Play One on TV!
  6. This is the Life. Debbie hates Pretentious People. Ditto Your Humble Scribe. She also has a Heart of Gold. Need we say more?


Lynda said...

Congrats on another fine award!

Blog Stalker said...

Congratulations! You are so happening in a far out way! lol

Bling bling

Have a great day!

Deanna said...

Congratulations! Your blog is awesome.

(I asked you a question in my blog post today. I warn you... I was ranting! Ha!)

Veggie Mom said...

Must concur with Deanna here. You've Got a Good Thing Goin' On here, Melissa B.! And where the heck did you come up with Bling Blong?

Tara R. said...

Look at you! Getting quite a collection of pretties. Congrats on a well deserved bit of flair.

Debbie said...

DARN THAT BLOGGER... I lost my first comment, my second comment, and my third comment. I am now trying for the 4th time...ARGGGGGHHHH

I love BLING BLONG...that is GREAT! I really appreciate you thinking so much of me...I have to tell you that I am horrible at paying them forward, but perhaps I shall host an Academy Awards of Blogs...hmmm...now there's a thought.....

MammaDawg said...

Ooh - congratulations, girl - MUCH deserved!!

Can I just say how lucky I am to be in such good company? Thank you for passing it on to me!!

teachj said...

I have got to improve my manly mojo. I know that most journalism teachers are of the female variety, but I'm a guy. You're actually the second online friend of mine to make that mistake. Ouch! Not that I've got anything against the fairer sex, my wife and daughter are both girls. LOL.

Z's Mom said...

Congratulations on your Bling Blong!!!!

And THANK YOU for passing it to me. I just love bloggy bling or blingy blong....thank you! :)

Hippie Family... said...

cute.. nice job K.

Anonymous said...

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