Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yes, She Is!

The following is the 5th in a series of interviews with Hot Tub Lizzy, who is running for President as a candidate of the Plaid Party. We started this Presidential Interview Janx back in September. Your Humble Scribe can proudly attest to the fact that we've broken a lot of New Ground with this series. Just read This, This, This or This to see for yourself!

Today, the Candidate Waxes Eloquently upon a number of Important Topics, such as Joe the Plumber, Oprah, Sylvester Stallone, Sarah Palin & The Appropriate uses of the Presidential Retreat, Camp David.

  1. Bloggers nationwide have been buzzing about what they call “The Lizzy Factor” in this election. Please explain “The Lizzy Factor,” and how it will play a significant role in the next two weeks of the Presidential Campaign. The Lizzy Factor is simple–People are ready for someone to be honest. People are ready for someone to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” People are ready for someone who doesn’t have 7 houses or fancy schmancy degrees. People are ready for reasons to just feel good! People are ready for someone to stop yapping and start acting! That’s me. That’s the Lizzy Factor!
  2. Joe the Plumber has been mentioned quite a few times this past week. He’s become such a popular guy that John McCain even said that Joe “won the debate” on Wednesday. Joe seems to have several ideas on taxes & the economy. Will you be inviting him to the White House to confer with you? I guess this will be as good a place as any to announce that I have invited Joe the Plumber to be my Vice President. ’Cause when a duck gets stuck, who else would you want around?????
  3. Sarah Palin was a guest on Saturday Night Live a couple of days ago. John McCain appeared on Letterman last week. Joe Biden did Ellen’s show on Monday. What shows will you appear on when you become President? I thought it might be fun to hit the game show circuit–Deal or No Deal, Are You Smarter than a 5th-Grader, the Price is Right—get my message out and hopefully win a little money for my friends at the Treasury!!!
  4. President Bush uses Camp David, the Presidential Retreat in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountain Park, as a getaway of sorts. He also employs it for State Business, planning to host a summit of world leaders there soon. How will you utilize Camp David in a Lizzy Administration? FINALLY–an easy question. Camp David will be utilized as a retreat for people with cancer to come and just spend some time with their families. I’ll use my winnings from the game shows to cover the expenses…or I’ll ask the folks at AIG to fork over a couple bucks to help.
  5. Oprah Winfrey has endorsed Barack Obama for President, while Sylvester Stallone has endorsed John McCain.What celebs do you have in your corner in your Race for the White House? Um…well…I have the Banker from Deal or No Deal…Jeremy Miller…and Harold Faltermeyer.


Veggie Mom said...

Harold Faltermeyer? Who's he? MUST be a genius, if he's on Lizzy's Side!

jewelstreet said...

Yay more Hot Tub Lizzy!

Also, left something for you on my latest blog post.

Lynda said...

Gotta love Lizzy!

Deanna said...

I would love to see Lizzy go up against the banker on Deal or No Deal!!

Sidney said...

Lovin' Lizzy!!

~Trish~ said...

Team Lizzy!!! LOL Thanks for stopping by my Kansas blog today :)

Blog Stalker said...

Lizzy, you have Blog Stalkers endorsement! Someone honest is definitely what we need! If you don't know, telling us you don't know but will find out.........yep, thats what I've been looking for!

Frizzy and Bird said...

All I want to know is where do I sign up to put you on the real ballot in Nov? I'm tired of these other jokers (Sorry) CANDIDATES as you are the one who continually answers the questions I have for them with answers I would expect/hope to hear from them. I bet all the money these guys have raised for their party's and tours you would put directly toward the deficit, health care, education and energy. Am I right? I am sorry if I offended anyone by calling the opposing candidates jokers.

Tracy P. said...

The first winner of a million dollars on ...5th grader was an educator who donated her winnings to some schools for special needs students in her state. I was more than inspired when I saw it a few days ago! I'm sure glad to hear that Lizzy has some equally magnanimous plans for her prize!

WheresMyAngels said...

Wow, I didn't know that Tracy!

I'm still lost on the whole Joe Plumber thing, I thought everyone was talking about a new reality series.


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