Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lipstick on a Pig, or Valentino on a Candidate?

First of all, Thanks So Much to Debbie & all you BATWers out there! Your Intrepid Scribe is certainly Humbled by all the outpouring of support for Yesterday's Post.

Secondly, in keeping with our predilection for All Things Political, we bring you the following. Please Note: We are an Equal Opportunity Evicerator (Not sure if that last is a word. Whatever.). We'll happily skewer The Other Side when they make idotic mistakes, too!

Here, then, is The Essence of WardrobeGate:

  • $75,062.63 spent at Neiman-Marcus, including the $2,500 Valentino jacket, above
  • $49,425.74 spent at Saks Fifth Avenue
  • $4,716.49 spent on hair & makeup in September alone.
  • $400 spent on Japanese designer specs.
  • Getting Caught in the Act? Priceless! Click here for a Hockey Mom Fashion Slideshow...

No, she's not the only one who has gone to excess on the accessories. But all of this in just two short months might make Hillary's Beauty Regimen and the Johnny I'm Not Faithful Anymore Haircuts look like small potatoes. Ya Think?

In Ms. Palin's defense, the Republican National Committee, which footed this giGENdous bill, says it will donate the Pricey Duds to Charity at the end of the campaign. But that begs two new questions in Your Humble Scribe's tiny little scribbling frontal lobe: If the McCain-Pain ticket wins, will she continue to shop at Needless Markup, or will she go back to her more comfortable Hockey Mom Apparel, like the Hunting Jacket in which she posed for her Vogue Cover Shoot?

And what about the Thrift Store that receives the Valentino Jacket, the Louis Vuitton Bag, the Oscar de la Renta Suit, and the $695 Manolo Peep-Toe Pumps? Do other Hockey Moms, some of whom really shop at second-hand clothing stores, dress this way? Seriously?

Next up: Extreme Makeover for Joe the Plumber.


Tara R. said...

Yeah, that really makes her seem more like all us other hockey (read: soccer) moms. I was thrilled to find some blouses at Sears on sale for $15, bought two, different colors. Meh!

jewelstreet said...

I'm needy. They can give the clothes.

Seriously though, why the heck do they need to spend so much money on her clothes?! It just goes to the show why we're in the predicament we're in.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Well... at least it's not directly out of OUR pockets, unles you gave money to the RNC...


Seriously - I've run a VERY successful campaign and spent... um...nothing on clothing.

Lynda said...

Girl, where do you get your material day after day? You amaze me!

Clix said...

I would think that the charity that receives the clothes would probably auction them. Just a guess.

Veggie Mom said...

Whoa, jump back! $2,500 for a jackeet? I think I covet it. And those peep-toe pumps, too!

Z's Mom said...

Hi, Veggie Mom sent me over here because she thought I might enjoy his post. And I do....totally ridiculous!!! Yeah, they can really feel our pain.

Mama Roho said...

Thank you for stopping by my page the other day! And I KNEW your name looked familiar. You sure do "get around" on the bloggy web. ;)

The Sassy Mom said...

Great post....I like Palin, some don't and that's okay. I agree the expenses are way out there, but she looks great and if I could dress that way while doing dishes and laundry, I would do it....haha!

The Sassy Mom said...

I think they would auction the clothing also.


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