Thursday, October 9, 2008

10 Things Thursday

Acquired from Veggie Mom, who acquired this Testament to the Bloggy Spirit from Tara R., who acquired it from Huckdoll's Hood, who acquired it from its Originator, MagnetoBoldToo. A challenge, of sorts, adopted by Your Humble Scribe to fit Our Conception of the World, as well as our effort to stay away from the pronoun "I," and employ a more collective "We." It's All About Community, folks!

You're all encouraged to take this Challenge. Original Artwork is available from any of the four sites mentioned above.

10. We Rock because we're The Intrepid Scribe.
9. We Rock because we've got a Wicked Sense of Humor.
8. We Rock because we have the patience & the fortitude to Teach Teenagers.
7. We Rock because we have We Are Wicked Poets. And, We Know It. We're Practically Longfellows!
6. We Rock because we Learned from the Best.
5. We Rock because we've got Such Accomplished Former Students.
4. We Rock because we're Sensitive to the Needs of Others in a Crisis.
3. We Rock because We Support The Plaid Party.
2. We Rock because We've Built up a Program We Can Believe In.
1. We Rock because Our Kids are a Reflection of Who We Are.


Shannon said...

Thanks for visiting me via BATW... glad you enjoyed the tour of TN :)

This sounds like a pretty neat little challenge...

Veggie Mom said...

Greetings, my friend. Keep on Rockin', OK?


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