Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Know You've Done the Right Thing When...

  1. ...Monica, from the Class of 1999, who helped your little ones paint The Barney Cabinet in your classroom, grows up to be a firefighter, but still thinks that summer afternoon long ago spent with your daughters was the Best. Time. Ever!
  2. ...Liz, from the Class of 2001, walks in at the beginning of the school, looking professional, All Grown Up, and nothing like her former Cross Country Self, and informs you that your AP Lang class was the only class worth taking in high school.
  3. ...Liz, from the Class of 2006, doesn't have to be asked a second time to write a fabulous and funny tribute to a fallen classmate.
  4. ...Katie, from the Class of 2006, comes up to school and advises you on what to include in that tribute.
  5. ...Inara, from the Class of 2001, checks in every couple of years or so, and informs you on a recent visit that she is a Blogger now, fitting posts in between hard-as-heck doctoral classes at Harvard; AND, BTW, she's averaging 130,000 hits a month on her site!
  6. ...Hoagie, from the Class of 2007, starts a Blog on a whim over the summer, and keeps it going when he goes back to college, remembering to comment on his old Journalism Teacher's Blog every so often.
  7. ...Ashley, from the Class of 2005, is a Traffic Reporter for a local media outlet, and still wants to sit for an interview with her old high school newspaper in between filing reports for both radio and television.
  8. ...Gracey, from the Class of 2000, runs into you at a Downtown Watering Hole, and tells you that you gave her the kick in the pants she needed to grow up and get on with her life.
  9. ...Jacque, from the Class of 2000, becomes a Yearbook Adviser at a local high school because "Mrs. Scribe inspired me!"
  10. Joann, from the Class of 2005, reports from Grad School that she's becoming an English Teacher because, well, you told her to.


Dawn said...

I love to hear stories like that! Gracey is my favorite! I wish I'd had someone like that to kick me in the pants and make me grow up! Great job! You are making a difference!

Lynda said...

What a tribute! I think we all remember our Mrs. Scribes in our lives. Thanks for making a difference with our kids. I hope my child gets a Mrs. Scribe this year.

Veggie Mom said...

There's always one Mrs. Scribe who can reach out and "connect" with a student. Cheers to you!

Ronnica said...

Wow. I must admit that though I was close to several teachers in high school and they had an impact on me, I was the type that never went back after I graduated (except once).

I do love BATW, too!

Deanna said...

Behind the most successful people in life are teachers who encouraged them.... We've always known you are one of the great ones!

MammaDawg said...

Ditto to Deanna - for sure!

I have one teacher from grade school that I still keep in touch with. We may not chat throughout the year as often as we'd like, but we always exchange Christmas greetings every year and play catch up. :)


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