Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vote for Marge!

During an editorial discussion with our Journalistic Cherubs Friday, Sarah Barracuda's name came up. One of the Seniors said, "We should do a pro-con on McCain's VP nominee." Several other Seniors concurred. Several underclassmen--sophomores, mostly, about half the class--looked at Said Senior with one of those "Huh?" expressions shadowing their faces.

Yes, High School Students--even those who live 10 miles from DC, just a *heartbeat* away from Our Nation's Capital--still live under those proverbial rocks. If you'd asked them about Britney's Comeback, or Kanye's Dead Mama, they would've shown much more interest. We can see it now: a pro-con on the benefits--or lack thereof--of going to a Shady Plastic Surgeon to Tone Up & Trim Down, & then dying for your trouble!

As it is, the Journalistas will be doing the pro-con on Ms. Barracuda. Two Seniors--both boys, coincidentally--will do the commentary. Should be interesting & entertaining. We'll keep ya posted!

On another Completely Different Note that's still Pretty Much the Same, a friend of ours is from the Upper Midwest. She keeps telling us that The Mack Attack's Veep Pick has the Scandinavian Undertones of Marge from that Dark Comedy, "Fargo." You know, Frances McDormand as the Folksy Sheriff? Watch the Clip Above & then the Clip Below. You be the judge!

We say, Vote For Marge! And, Thank You for Your Support!


Dawn said...

That's a great idea! You are exposing them to way more than Britney & Kanya, thank Goodness!

Veggie Mom said...

I think I'll take your suggestion, and Vote for Marge, too. I live in a "swing state," and I'm getting sooooooooo tired of all the political ads!


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