Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If you have to ask...

The Scribe: What's up with this story?
Student: I wrote it.
The Scribe: I know you wrote it. Did you do any reporting before you wrote it?
Student: Huh?
The Scribe: Any reporting? You know, did you go out & ask anyone questions before you wrote the story?
Student: Huh?
The Scribe: You know, asking questions!
Student: Questions?
The Scribe: Did you write this story w/o talking to anyone?
Student: I talked to my Mom.
The Scribe: Oh. We can't run this story in the newspaper Unless. You. Interview. Folks. You know, represent both sides of the story.
Student: Huh?


MoziEsmé said...

Sad. So sad!

Candy said...

But you have to enjoy his/her determination to ignore your criticism.

Hippie Family... said...

could be a future politician!

Amy said...

In response to this and to your other response...yes, your visit to Alaska counts as foreign policy experience (also if you have, perhaps, played Risk and made the excellent attack from across the water...). And, on that note, that would also make talking to one's mother proper journalism.


Show them everything Ida Tarbell went through on her Standard Oil pieces. Talking to the idiot who sits next to you in geometry won't seem so bad after that. (;

Dawn said...

Awww but at least he's trying!! My bet is that he'll learn a lot from you!

Blog Stalker said...

How would they know to get both sides of a story when they dont see this being done in todays mainstream media outlets. I am more disgusted with "news" today than ever before.

There is hope though. It starts with one student qat a time.

Good luck!

Tara R. said...

You're supposed to ask questions? When did this happen? Good luck with this new batch of cherubs.

Lynda said...

No child left behind.

Marrdy said...

Classic! And yes so sad.

You deserve every cent you make changing the future of our children.

And, thanks!

MammaDawg said...


How do you do it?!

Blog Stalker said...

Hey you, there is an awrd for you at my place. Come and get it!


Have a great day!


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