Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finding Oneself on the Back of a Cereal Box

Totally stole this from Tara R., she of If My Says OK Fame. She was crunching on a bowl full of child-appropriate, chocolate-infused, cereal last Sunday, and, natch, read the back of the box while she was a chompin' away.

The Cereal Box listed "18 Things to Do Before You Turn 18." Tara answered the questions on her blog. Your Humble Scribe, who teaches a Whole Herd of 18-and-Unders at Our Humble High School, wishes to record her answers, too. Please keep in mind that we've done most of these things since turning 18; and, For the Record, we've been Older than The Age of Majority for Quite. Some. Time!

Herewith is The List. This isn't really a *meme*, so Feel Free to Play Along if ya wanna.

1. Ride the world’s biggest rollercoaster - The Scribe is Coaster-Phobic, so that would be a NO.
2. Bungee jump - The 3 things The Scribe has vowed never to do: Sky Dive, Scuba Dive, & Bungee Jump. So, that would be a NO, too!
3. Score the winning goal/basket - Hard to believe now, but Your Humble Scribe was once the member of an adult-league city basketball team. And, yes, she scored the winning bucket in one game. So, please put a YES in that column!
4. Win an award, trophy or prize - The answer to #3 helps explain part of this. We were City Champs that season! So, mark us down as a YES.
5. Learn an instrument - Oh, gosh. Piano. Violin. Piano. Violin one more time. Guitar. Piano. A definite YES, but we can't play any instrument worth beans now!
6. Go backstage at a gig - Not backstage, but Back in the Day, High School Journalistas received passes to rock concerts. Promoters wanted a positive review, we suppose, so handed these freebies out quite a bit. Your Humble Scribe actually sat on one of the amps, on the stage, at a Doors Concert in Dallas. That's a YES!
7. Meet your idol - As a senior at Mizzou's School of Journalism When the World was Very Young, we met Dan Rather at a reception during J-Week, which is a Really Big Deal every spring (J-Week, not necessarily meeting Dan Rather). At the time, we were quite enamored of the intrepid-and still quite handsome-Mr. Rather. We met him again 2 years later, after we had turned "pro." So that's a Double YES.
8. Play a part in your favorite TV show - That would be a NO. Not even close. Ever.
9. Meet someone with your own name - YES. Just the other day, in fact.
10. Make a discovery - This could be interpreted in so many ways, couldn't it? Based on the evidence of our Many Years as a Mom & High School Teacher, that would be a definite YES!
11. Get away with the perfect practical joke - Have had several played on us, but not sure about the execution thereof. We'd put that in the NO column!
12. Own a pointless collection - Have you heard about the Happy Meal Toys? That's certainly a YES!
13. Invent a word that makes it into the dictionary - We have a friend who is the King of Malaprops. We've bent some words pretty much beyond recognition, but never well enough to make it into the dictionary. So, that's a NO.
14. Conquer your biggest fear - Which one? Of rodents? Snakes? Rejection? Death? A definite NO.
15. Raise money for charity - Just this past summer, helped Ye Olde Swim Team raise more than $7,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. YES!
16. Pass your driving test the first time - Have you ever heard the expression, "The 3rd time's the charm?" That's us, in a nutshell. Mark us down as NO.
17. Complete a road trip coast to coast - Let's see. We've driven Dallas to El Paso, Dallas to Guadalajara, Mexico, Dallas to Columbia, MO about a zillion times & back, DC to Wisconsin a fare amount, DC to Columbia, MO, Columbia, MO to Newport, RI (do ya sense a definite College Road Trip Theme here?), New York to Florida, DC to Savannah, GA & back. Never totally cross-county. Guess that's a NO.
18. Reach 18 years of age - Multiply that by 3.Say YES & and Amen, brother!

So, we've got 11 in the YES column & 7 in the NO column. How did you do?


Tara R. said...

Great list... thanks for playing along and for the props. Since you are the adult in charge of so many 18-and-under, you should cast the net over your bloggy pals to help you contrive the BEST EVAH prank to pull on the cherubs, then you could mark an even dozen off your list.

(The Doors amp sitting is very cool!)

Dawn said...

I wasn't doing too good til the end and I could use my own judgement a little! I would say 7 no, 10 yes, but I probably cheated a little. Love the picture!

Lynda said...

I have a lot of NO's in that list...yikes!

MoziEsmé said...

I LOVE that photo by the way - brings back way too many memories!

sexy said...



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