Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cynicism 101: And He Thinks We'll Like Her...

10. Because she resembles Tiny Fey?
9. Because she had a baby in April and went right back to work?
8. Because she was a Beauty Queen?
7. Because she is a Working Mom?
6. Because she applauded Hillary Clinton & Geralidine Ferraro?
5. Because she freely admits that she's not quite sure what a Vice President does?
4. Because she's under investigation in the State of Alaska?
3. Because her Hubby is part Native Alaskan?
2. Because her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant and decided to keep the baby?
1. Because she's a Woman?


Amy said...

She, clearly, has nothing on Tina Fey. Just saying.

Happy first day to you!

Veggie Mom said...

I hadn't thought about McCain's Veep looking like Tina Fey. An interesting comparison. Wonder what Ms. Fey thinks about it?

Dawn said...

She does look like Tina Fey! But I do like her!

Lynda said...

lol - good post. I think I do like some of those things. Being a woman might just be the best one. Well, being Alaskan is really kind of cool, too. I mean, really, why not? As you can see, I am basing all my decisions on very well thought-out intellectual reasons - lol!

Blog Stalker said...

I personnaly try not to post politically (with this name anyway) but think she is a brilliant pick for any number of reasons.

Looking like Tina Fey is just a bonus! (gotta see Baby Mama!) SNL will have Fey doing all her bits for sure. (Is she still with SNL?)

Hippie Family... said...

I am sure that Tina will really get a lot out of this one!!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Yeah... he's doing it for brownie points. Go Figure...

Thanks for your comment about Gustav, BTW. We here in the Dunn house appriceate it, we're all OK.

Deanna said...

#1 reason he picked her? Because McCain loves baseball and he pretty much hit it out of the park when he picked her!

She compliments McCain's strengths and contrasts his weaknesses, is a true Washington outsider but with executive experience,fought lobbyists and special interests groups. You thought Hillary was tough? Try being a woman in Alaska, much less a successful female politician. She has a nice looking family and even has a son serving in Iraq, for crying out loud.

What was that? That was the sound of Obama's dreams of reaching the White House dying (this time around anyway).

That was the sound of McCain knocking it out of the freakin' ballpark.

teachj said...

#11 Because he'll lock up the Geek vote - she does look mildly like Laura Roslin (the president on Battlestar Galactica) and he looks like Col. Saul Tigh. You have to see http://www.tighroslin.com/ it is hilarious - especially if you are a geek like I am. Check out the photos here http://tinyurl.com/5ojjcf

Kelly said...

Wow, Tina could totally get some guest shots back on SNL to play her until November!!

Marrdy said...

She's a good pick because, like the rest of us, she has real problems. Oh sigh, a 17 year old pregnant daughter. This is a nightmare of mine because I too have a 17 year old daughter and know sometimes no matter how hard you try, the dang kids just make their own choices!! Great post.

CBeth said...

i found your list very entertaining...but you forgot another one.

#11-- because she has international relations experience--- Alaska is the closest state to Russia, so she MUST talk to the Russians (Alaska is also the closest state to the North Pole, so she's probably best friends with Santa too). thanks Jon Stewart.

I think this pick is McCain's attempt to show how ignorant voters really are across the United States. At the cost of many of our rights being overturned that we've fought for for many decades, people will vote for her because she's a woman. I think that's ridiculous. This election should not be based on ethnicity or gender, it should be based on the facts. So good for her for making headlines because she is a woman, but this woman will not be voting for her.

Vicki said...

Wow, your top 10 list is great, but I appreciate all the commenters comments as well. I can say that I'm energized about the election again because of her.

Thanks for submitting your post again! Hope your head is feeling better :)


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