Saturday, September 27, 2008

Complaint Department: Why a Woman Might Never Be President?

First Off, let's just say, Students & Colleagues Agree: Mrs. Scribe is a Darn Nice Gal!

That said, let's line up a few Primo Examples. She cuts kids slack sometimes on deadlines, homework & whatnot. She allows students to be late to her classes if they've just suffered the Slings & Arrows of a Hard-as-Heck test & need a tad more time in the other class to finish up. She Collaborates with Colleagues, sharing data, lesson plans, resources, planning time to Get Things Done. She's done Desk Duty in another Colleague's Classroom, on more than one occasion, when emergencies have arisen.

The way Mrs. Scribe sees it, One Good Turn Deserves Another. And, after all, High School is not a Harvard Med School Practicum, So Let's All Lighten Up a Little, Shall We?

Every so Often, Mrs. Scribe requests that a student come visit her for a Quick Sec during another teacher's class. It's usually No Biggie. The teacher may deny the request, which is OK. Or, he/she may grant the request, but ask the Journalista to come after school to make up missed work.

Such favors are part of the Give & Take of High School. The Way We Roll Around Here. The Rhythm of a Happy Life.

Imagine Our Surprise, therefore, to open up the ol' e-mail the other day and receive the following from a long-time, well-respected, and--heretofore--much-beloved colleague, with whom we've worked, laughed, collaborated & commiserated for More. Than. A. Decade:

"EG just asked to miss AP Lit with a pass from you to work on yearbook. I denied her request and would like to ask that you not indicate to students that my class is unimportant and they can miss it at your whim even if that is what you think. Thanks for respecting my class time."

Oh Jesus, Mary & Joseph! as Our Quite Devout Nana used to say (but she was a Baptist, and didn't think she was taking anyone's Name in Vain). Mrs. Scribe, ever the Collegial Colleague, sent back a short, downright pleasant, note of apology, expecting Little Ms. B. to then realize that she was being A Tad Extreme in her reaction.

Well. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nothin'.

A feeling of Sadness & yes, well, Anger, gnawed at us for a day or so. Still nothin' in the In Box. So we waltzed on up to Little Ms. B. and asked, in Our Nicest Texas Manner (Mama didn't raise no fool!), "You know, I signed the pass, but I really wasn't expecting you to let EG leave to do Yearbook during AP Lit. I know that Core Classes come first. I'd never do that to a friend, ya know."

A flustered Little Ms. B. sputtered something about Back-to-School Nite Stress, etc. She sorta said she was sorry, but not really. Chalk One Up to Experience. Or, if you prefer, take the Sexist Route & Chalk it up to PMS.

And we wonder why THEY think a woman can't lead?


Mrs. Who said...

I'm afraid I can relate to the other teacher. I often face a similar situation when teachers keep their students in class to "finish work" instead of letting them come to their library class. It infuriates me because 1. much of what I teach is also "core content" and on the state test AND 2. the kids LOVE library and I hate for them to miss getting to come.

That said, I would never write a mean email to another teacher. After 20 years, I have learned you have to get along with everyone because there is a lot of give and take. That might be the same person you need to ask for help the next day!

Veggie Mom said...

Sounds like you have a Real Live Mean Girl (aka the Lindsay Lohan flick) in your midst. LOVE the artwork, BTW. And, please drop by to celebrate 100 Posts with me. It's a Sweet Centennial, and Uncle Lynn answered your question!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

THIS is why EVERY WOMAN needs her 12 PMS days a year... the world will just be a MUCH happier place if that happened... seriously... there'd be no financial crisis for SURE

HappyChyck said...

That reminds me...I owe some teachers at my school a HUGE thank you for working with my staff. I try not to take advantage, but sometimes (very often) things happen outside that 50 minutes of publications time.

We had portrait day last week, and members of my staff were out of classes for a whole day helping. Some students had to attend a few of their classes because the #2 rule is Academics Come First. (The #1 rule is Don't Do Anything to Sully Our Good Reputation.) Nobody made any drama out of it. Life is so much easier without drama.

Dawn said...

I can totally relate!! I'm not sure why some teachers can't see the big picture and let children enjoy being students and working on extra projects, etc. I think some teachers take themselves too seriously. We are all shaping the lives of these kids and if they are given some extra attention and allowed to work on the yearbook, so what??? That's why I say some teachers forget why they wanted to be teachers in the first place. BUT the good news is that most teachers are not this way!!

Dee Light said...

Ha!! I loved this. My daughter is in the 6th grade and has a teacher that takes things way too seriously. I can't help but wonder if she's having PMS sometimes.

j m holland said...

This is off subject but I had to share it with you and since I didn't have your email i thought I would leave it here.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like she was definitely having a bad day! I'm glad she at least *sort of* apologized! I dont know why she felt she had to send the mean email--she should have just not dismissed the child and left it at that!

MammaDawg said...

*bowing down*

I love you handled this, Mrs. Scribe. Totally classy.

And even if she wasn't really sorry for the nasty-gram, I'm sure she'll think twice before sending you another one anytime soon!

dkzody said...

We have a few teachers here like that too, and they are NOT women so don't be blaming hormones on this kind of behavior. That always makes me furious when people do that.

As for not letting a kid out of class, just keep them and don't say anything. Now, how hard is that?


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