Monday, August 25, 2008

We'll Sing for Our Bling!

We feel like the veritable Luciano Pavarotti of the Blogging World! We collected the Second Award in a Week the other day. This Gorgeous Gem is courtesy of our Great Bloggy Friend Lynda, down Houston Way. In her post bestowing this Award Janx upon our righteous selves, Lynda referred to Your Humble Scribe as "intriguing."

Well, Bust Our Britches! Since we teach High School & All, we've been called mucho many things in our time, but "intriguing" sure ain't been one of 'em! Please let us put the Shoe on the proverbial Other Foot, & Turn the Tables, as it were, to tell you why Art on a Limb, where Lynda occupies a Bloggy Residence, is much, much more than intriguing. Please, allow us to sing this gal's praises!

First of all, Lynda is funny. Read her post In Search of Guys--you'll see what we mean!

Next, Lynda is artistic. Seriously, can you paint like that? If this gal doesn't have an Art Gallery, she should open one soon!

Finally, Lynda has a Heart of Gold. Please, please, please, read her Adoption Story. We guarantee that you'll want to give this gal The Purple Heart of Parenthood when you're finished!

Lynda, of course, sets the bar high. She commands her awardees to "pay it forward," and Share that Good Ol' Award Love with a some of our Bloggy Friends.  Therefore, with the power invested in us by Lynda, The Scholastic Scribe is honored to bestow The Brillante Award on these more-than-deserving Blog Mavens:
There you have it--Four FanTAbulous Bloggy Friends. Pass the love along, y'all. You'll be glad you did!


Blog Stalker said...

Great post. Don't sell yourself short. Thank you for the adoption story link. A great story.

Lynda said...

OMG - you are a downright HOOT! and the Blog Stalker is right - don't sell yourself short - I read your blog everyday and really enjoy it!

Gina said...

This is actually the third time you've been given this same award! If you go back and check your comments I think I gave it to you around the same time also Mr. Teacher just gave it too you too! You must be something special!!!

Anyway, congratulations to the well deserved recognition and if you get a chance and want to do another meme here's a link to one I personally created:

Tara R. said...

Congrats on the cool award... a nice way to start off the school year. Good luck with classes.

MissKris said...

I can't remember if I stumbled across Lynda or if she stumbled across me but I sure am glad we cyber-connected. I agree with you wholeheartedly on everything you said about her. And your blog is great, too!

Melissa B. said...

Profound apologies to Gina & Mr. Teacher. Thanks mucho con mucho for recognizing me! Your Humble Scribe sometimes gets waaaaayyyyy ahead of herself and can't figure out what's what and what's up!

Veggie Mom said...

You're a funny gal, ya know that? Congrats on the bling--I'd LOVE to hear you sing!


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