Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tunnel of Love, Asbury Park Style

This is the old Casino Building, which spans the Asbury Park Boardwalk on one end. There's nothing in here for now except for a Farmer's Market on Saturdays, but workmen are busy renovating both this 1920s-era structure, which used to house Boardwalk amusements & was never used for gambling, and the adjacent Carousel. We were sad, though, that there isn't a merry-go-round in the Carousel space, 'cause it's a beautiful structure!
Since our Boardwalk experience is limited to the Maryland & Delaware beaches--we don't think Atlantic City counts, since it's got all those huge casinos and high-rises, etc.--this was our first time at a beach venue like Asbury Park. The one-mile Boardwalk is bracketed at both ends--by the old Casino Building at one end, and the equally geriatric Convention Hall, below, at the other. We'd never seen a beach boardwalk running through a building before, and in Asbury Park it happens twice!
FYI, Springsteen & Co. have played the old Convention Hall and the adjoining Paramount Theatre, which have both been renovated. Bob Dylan will be at the Paramount on August 13, if you're interested. The contest is sold out, but you can probably get tickets at some kind of giNORmous price on Stub Hub!

Of course, the Convention Hall is populated with the requisite restaurants, and shops, and a kiosk or 2. The really neat thing about this ongoing renovation is the Beach Bar, which runs along the outside of the building as it meanders across the beach to the water's edge.

The Beach Bar's terrace is a great place to grab a quick mid-day bite and a brew, and also convenient for seeking refuge in sudden downpours!Enough of the Asbury Park Travelogue for today. Here are your 2 Jersey-esque questions:

  1. In what Asbury Park venue did Bruce Springsteen film his haunting 1987 "Tunnel of Love" video?
  2. If you're headed home from Jersey on the Turnpike, you'll encounter many rest-stops (Jerseyites call them "Service Areas") named after famous Americans of New Jersey heritage. Name the last such rest-stop on the southern leg of the Turnpike. Hint: We think she had something to do with the Red Cross, if we're not mistaken!

Answers to yesterday's questions:

  1. New Jersey Turnpike
  2. Bruce Springsteen (as one respondent said, "Duh!")


Veggie Mom said...

1. Just guessing here. Let's see--either the Convention Hall or the Carousel? Maybe the Casino? I don't know Jersey from Montana!
2. Florence Nightingale? I know she was a nurse, anyway!
3. Did you see that I shouted you out today? Cheers!

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

I'm with Veggie Mom, I don't know NJ from OH!

1. I'll guess the convention hall
2. I'll also guess Florence Nightingale... or Clara Barton?

cupcake said...

1. The Palace
2. Clara Barton

I've actually spent quality time at the Clara stop. It was a long time ago and involves a very embarrassing moment in my life, but Clara is my homegirl.

Learners Inherit said...

ly have no idea. LOL. I just wanted to comment because as I was reading your post, I realized that I have never been to Asbury Park. LOL. I lived in NY all of my life- 30 years.

dkzody said...

Never been to Jersey, but have been to Santa Cruz boardwalk a lot. It was our daughter's favorite place when she was preteen. Haven't been as much since she's all grown up, but a few years ago I was involved with a film project at UC Santa Cruz and took a group of kids from inner city Fresno. They loved it. What is it about ocean, sun, surf, fried foods, and amusement rides?

Veggie Mom said...

BTW, Uncle Lynn is guesting on my blog today, so please drop in!

CBeth said...

1. the casino.

2. clara barton.


blueviolet said...

The Casino, a magnificent old building, also sits underutilized (used as a skateboard park), on the boardwalk across the street from what was the Palace. Located at the southern end of the Asbury Park boardwalk, the Casino Arena was home to the filming of the "Tunnel of Love" video.
The service station has to be Clara Barton (the red cross association--it has to be!)


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