Thursday, August 28, 2008

Take Another Look Thursday: ï³ëÝÛ³Ï, ï³ëÁ ѳï, ï³ë³Ýáó, ï³ëÁ

That's "10" in Armenian. Don't ask us why. We have a couple of questions about what we're about to "report" here, too.

To celebrate the conclusion--the Grande Finale, as it were--of Take Another Look Thursday, we thought we'd riff on this Regular Summer Feature a tad. This post actually should be called "Take A Second Look Thursday." Take a gander below, and see for yourself.

"The students who put together the 2007 yearbook at Thomas S. Wootton High School in Rockville dubbed Theresa C. Duarte 'the coolest woman alive'," according to this a.m.'s edition of The Washington Post.

Seems The Teach was selling Cocaine to her Cherubs from home. She resigned in June, the paper says, "for personal reasons." The drug distribution charges apparently only came to light this week.

Huh? Say again?

Duarte started teaching at the high school in the Fall of 2004. She taught English and was the Yearbook Adviser. We capitalize that last title because Yearbook Adviser is, well, A Very Important & Stressful Position!

The high school's Principal Man, natch, said he was "shocked" by the charges (why are folks always "shocked" in news stories? Can't they ever be "alarmed"? How 'bout "incredulous"? Perhaps "puzzled"?). "It came out of the blue," PM told The Post. "I'm disappointed if any adult takes advantage of his or her position as a teacher and role model. . . . She was popular, and she produced a good yearbook. She seemed like a regular teacher." The PMs are always the last to know, ain't they?

Sources further explained that the teacher left a lucrative marketing career to "return to her first love, English," and, apparently, her second love, Marketing Narcotics to Teenagers.

Not that we would Judge a Book by Its Cover (Can we get an "Amen!" to that?--Highly Unlikely!), but a Whole New Meaning to the term "Educator," don't it?

This Yearbook Adviser needs to start investigating "freelance" opportunities...or Ms. Duarte should switch her endorsement from English to Marketing. Whaddaya think?


Dawn said...

Stories like that help you to understand random drug testing! That is crazy! And I guess I can see why the kids thought she was so cool!

Veggie Mom said...

I imagine the prices of her school's yearbooks were rather high?

Gina said...

Sounds like she should have been in my Other People's Money post:

Tara R. said...

'Incredulous' doesn't even begin to cover it. Outraged, offended, pissed off... might be more accurate. I hope criminal charges are forthcoming.

The Tablet PC In Education Blog said...

How does "10" fit the story that follows?

liusia said...

"Disappointed"? Just "disappointed"? Dude either needs a thesaurus or a new job outside of the education field.


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