Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Stone Pony

Contrary to popular belief, The Stony Pony, a live music venue & bar next to the Asbury Park Boardwalk at 913 Ocean Avenue, was not the original musical home of The Boss. Various accounts, however, cite The Stone Pony as Springsteen's favorite venue, the one that he has played the most. Jon Bon Jovi and Steve Van Zandt also frequently played The Stony Pony in the early years.

The bar, which was originally a restaurant and beer garden before changing its name and beginning to showcase live Rock 'n' Roll, was the launching pad for Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes when it became The Stone Pony in 1974. The venue closed in the 1990s and was rennovated & reopened in 2000. It's been rockin' ever since. Part of the artwork from the bar at the original venue now resides in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

When we visited AP last weekend, The Boss had just performed to a sold-out crowd at the Meadowlands, about an hour away. We were told by a bartender at the Beach Bar in the Convention Hall that Bruce's concert had attracted people from all over the world. Hence the many Europeans visiting last weekend. We heard what we thought was Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, and even something that sounded like Russian being spoken on the beach. The bartender said that a German couple was getting married in the Convention Hall theater Saturday after traveling to Springsteen's Jersey concert the previous Thursday nite.

Live bands now spill into the former beer garden area outside behind The Stone Pony at nite, where they've set up a stage & equipment for the bar's "Summer Concert Series." The best place to hear the music though, for free, was across the street on the boardwalk while eating Italian ices from Ralph's.

If you cruise the Internet, you'll find a few refences to The Stone Pony's name. Some say that it was derived from the 1968-69 Linda Rondstadt Band, The Stone Poneys. The original owner, however, told one interviewer that the name came to him "in a dream." Whatever the origin, the dream was fulfilled. If the blow-out sounds of last weekend are any indication, this Live Music Mecca will keep rockin' for decades to come!

OK, your quasi-Jersey questions for today:
  1. Name The Stone Poneys' first Top-40 hit.
  2. Who was the first guitarist for Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes?

And the answers for yesterday's Jersey questions:

  1. The Casino, at the south end of the AP Boardwalk.
  2. Clara Barton--natch!


cupcake said...

1. Different Drum
2. Steve Van Zandt

I can't believe I got #1 wrong yesterday. And I call myself a fan. Sheesh.

Melissa B. said...

Cupcake: Wow, you're fast! Seems like I only posted a few minutes ago! :)

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Can I copy cupcake?

I was going to say Different Drum too and then Steve van Zandt sounds good to me...

angie said...

These daily trivia blurbs are so much fun.

blueviolet said...

I think it was "Different Drum" and Steve Van Zandt. The first one was hard to find and I'm not even sure I'm right. I only lived in Jersey for 9 months when I was there so I didn't pick up a whole lot more than an accent.

Veggie Mom said...

Well, when you're at the back of the class, you get to copy from the "smart kids" in front of you, right? I'll say Different Drum and Steve Van Zandt, but only because everyone else did! Oh, and BTW: Uncle Lynn IS a cool guy! Thanks for asking!!

HappyChyck said...

Just stoppin' by to say HI! This is a fun series, but I'm in over my head! Jersey? Boardwalk? Like foreign places to me! Your descriptions make me want extend my vacation, though!

CBeth said...

different drum, steve van zandt.

i have no idea, i am a copycat.


Dawn said...

So fun ! Thanks for the comment love over at my site! : )

I did think Steve Van Zandt for #2 but heck if I know. . .but I'll follow cupcakes lead and say Different Drum.


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