Saturday, August 2, 2008

Road Trip!

The Scholastic Scribe has adjourned to Asbury Park, N.J., for the weekend. A pretty, funky, coming-back kinda place. More later, since our Internet access isn't the best. Suffice it to say that the Gods of Bruce Springsteen & Company have been properly worshipped. Enjoying our little mini-VAY-cay--wish you were here!

PS: Don't forget tomorrow's Silly Summer Sunday Sweepstakes. We've got a snap that will give you a snort!


j m holland said...

I wanted to invite you contribute to a MEME a friend began on her blog. Her name is Nancy Flanagan and her blog is Teacher in a Strange Land.

The topic is: Meme: Five Things Policymakers Ought to Know

Here is a link to my post:

I thought you might have something to say.

Melissa B. said...

JM: I'm delighted to contribute! I saw Nancy's *meme* and it has my *name* written all over it!


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