Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Really Science, After All!

Mamacita, over at Scheiss Weekly, nominated Science Guy Steve Spangler for the July Perfect Post Award, and guess what? He won! You know the videos all over the Web, featuring crazies dropping Mentos in bottles of Diet Coke & fleeing in mock terror from the resulting explosions? Steve's the guy that done thunk up that experiment--and there's real learning going on here! For a silly three minutes, take a gander at the Original Mentos Geyser Video, above!

"A lot of people like to do the Mentos Geyser experiment, but not everybody knows the reason why it works," Mamacita writes in today's post. "After they read Steve Spangler's blogpost, they will!"

Take a look at Kimberly and Lindsay's other Perfect Post Picks. And felicidades, Steve!


Clix said...

Have you seen the EepyBird one? I like The Domino Effect!

And I would've liked the Channel 9 video better if they'd've focused on the people's reactions rather than on the spray. Pooey on them! (but who knows - maybe it's just me - I have weird tastes!)

Sean Hogan said...

After watching tonight's game, things look a lot better. Emilio Bonifacio (2B acquired in the Jon Rauch trade) and Alberto Gonzalez (not the former Attorney General, but the SS aquired yesterday from the Yankees for a minor league pitcher) looked solid up the middle and Elijah "You Dead Dawg" Dukes is back. So things are looking up.

I'm surprised you never knew I was a Cubbies fan. The Lip Man certainly knows, but I guess those discussions took place in "The Batcave." My grandfather brought me up on the Cubs on was my choice between the Cubbies and the Braves and I sided with Harry Caray and the Lovable Losers. The whole family roots for the Cubs and the Nats and whenever the two teams meet, we just enjoy the game.

Sean Hogan said...

You might enjoy this:

Veggie Mom said...

Soooo cool! I guess this is something that one needs to try in the privacy of the backyard? It would be a complete disaster in the kitchen! :)

Kelly - PTT said...

That is the coolest thing ever!

julie said...

Melissa - Thanks for the "shout out" and Thanks for helping us spread the word that there really is SCIENCE behind the WOW factor of the mentos geyser!
You can read all about it here

I whole-heartedly agree with Veggie Mom that everyone should try it at least once. It is the only way to understand what the buzz is all about! But BEWARE... it is ADDICTING!!!!


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