Monday, August 4, 2008

Greetings From Asbury Park

Ella Numera Dos & Her Mama have returned from our Jersey Shore Road Trip. We enjoyed ourselves mucho; so much, in fact, that The Chica & The Scribe have decided to do something a little out of the ordinary this week.

That's right, Bloggy Friends. Since we've been hanging out here in Cyberspace, we've noticed a lot of contests goin' on around here. And, still being imbued with the Boardwalk Spirit & all, we thought we'd do a little ol' giveaway ourselves! Here's the deal, which involves 3 prizes.
  1. A really nifty canvas Beach Bag (see snap above), emblazoned tastefully with the emblem "Asbury Park." If you win this cute, commodious tote, you'll be the Absolute Envy of every summer gathering you attend! The Scribe & Ella Numera Dos were so impressed with the cuteness & craftsmanship of this bag, we picked one up for us, too!
  2. A black bumper sticker with white lettering, proclaiming "LONDON. PARIS. ASBURY PARK." Nuff said.
  3. An authentic, purchased-in-Asbury Park Postcard, the design of which was filched from homeboy Bruce Springsteen's 1973 LP, "Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J."

And here, Scribe Fans, is all ya gotta do to be in contention for any of the Above Swag during this week's contest.

  1. Please comment on this post. Tell us anything you want, and we'll give you one entry in the contest.
  2. The Scribe & Co. will ask two Jersey-type questions each day this week. You get another entry for each answer you attempt; in the Jersey Spirit of Things, your answers Do. Not. Have. To. Be. Correct! We'll just be happy you're giving it The Old College Try!
  3. Please tune in Thursday (that's August 7th) for Your Humble Scribe's review of Asbury Park in Take Another Look Thursday. Comment on our Thursday review, and we'll give you 5 More Entries; count 'em!
  4. Your winners--and there will be 3, selected by Random Drawing--will be announced in Friday's post. You'll have to be patient with us here, friends; we're heading out on VAY-cay that day, so we'll probably have an Afternoon Announcement for you.

So there you go--just our little way of honoring Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Van Zandt & all of those who've come before & after them, in making Asbury Park, NJ, the vacation destination for those who bleed Rock 'N' Roll. For sure.

And now--drumroll, please!--Your 2 Jersey-type questions for today. Comment here and try to answer both questions, and You'll. Get. 3. Contest. Entries!

  1. Name the turnpike that bisects The Garden State. Hint: If one hails from Jersey, others might ask, "What Exit?"
  2. Name Asbury Park's Native Rock 'N' Roll Son; Hint: He's really from nearby Freehold, but he claims AP as home. Also, we've mentioned his name at least twice in this post!


Clix said...

Oo! #2 - Springsteen!

1 later - I need to get to class ;D

Veggie Mom said...

Greetings and salutations! The answers? Well, I suppose #1 has to do with the Jersey Turnpike? And #2 would be, of course, The Boss!

CBeth said...

#1. The New Jersey Turnpike, aka, traffic hell on the way to New York (spent 6 hours on the turnpike last summer in stop and go traffic, yuck).

#2. Bruce Springsteen, duh!

you'll need to come up with harder name three New Jerseians that the rest stops are named after... (I could do that one too!)

glad jersey was fun, chicago is better, and nc will be awesome!

(i really want the bumper sticker for my trunk).

Sean Hogan said...

1-the new jersey turnpike
2-bruce springsteeeeeen

angie said...

My Jersey IQ is about 0, so I won't be embarassing myself actually trying to answer them all week. However, I'm pretty sure #2 is THE BOSS and I'll be looking for the answers in order to up my Jersey IQ. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Betty said...

The Boss is just too cool. Count me in for the awesome tote bag. I have some matching shoes.:)

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Hi! Found you through your comment on Piper's Blog....

I'd say #1 is the Jersey T-pike, but I don't really know...and #2 maybe The Boss-- Bruce Springsteen?

Sandi McBride said...

New Jersey Turnpike complete with helicoptors to check that speed! And we were stationed at Earle NWS so of course I know it's Bruce kids loved going by his magager's "Castle"...and hi, pleased to meet you as I'm back to bed...heat sickness has me under the weather!

micaela6955 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Don't forget to stop back and enter my giveaway too!

1. I will say the Jersey Pike

2. And being an 80's gal, who could forget Springsteen?

KG said...

i think she's doing okay in the big city...the tornado and thunderstorms of last night gave her a good scare though!

NJ turnpike


blueviolet said...

New Jersey Turnpike and Bruce Springsteen!

Dawn said...

NJ Turnpike and Bruce Springsteen (Us Philly girls understand the Jersey connection!:)

Lynda said...

Okay, I really did know Bruce Springsteen, but from reading everything else, I see the other answer is the New Jersey Turnpike. What do you expect from a 7th generation Texan?? All I know about Jersey probably comes from The Sopranos or The Boss ;-)

teachergirl said...

I made it - #1 is the lovely New Jersey Turnpike and #2 is, of course, Bruce Springsteen. Just taking a few second breather before Meet and Greet.

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Anonymous said...

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