Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yeah, We've Got One for the Older Sister, Too!

Seen: After coming home from running errands, a vase of Beautiful (with a Capital "B," italicized & bolded for emphasis!) flowers on the kitchen table. Pink roses were the centerpiece.
Heard: Ella Numera Una speaking with the BF on her cellie. She wasn't on the deck in the rain, though; just in another room. The conversation continued for quite a long time; we heard emphatic murmuring, but nothing really confrontational-sounding.
Noted: When we arrived to see Ella Una at the swim meet later, she was beaming. Beaming. BEAMING! Did we mention she was BEAMING?
Quoted (note the off-handed manner of her speech): "Oh, those? Yeah, he sent those to me this afternoon. Fight? No, we talked this afternoon, but no reason for the flowers. Just because, I guess. He says he misses me."

PS: All we have to say is that we've never received an arrangement like that, "Just Because."


Lynda said...

Yes, ma'am, those are gorgeous! I see why the BEAM!

Tara R. said...

Wow! those are gorgeous! Just because?

CBeth said...

yes, just because. :)

mom, thanks for publishing my social life.

Melissa B. said...

Sometimes. Just because. It figures! :)

JoSF said...

Even way over here in San Francisco we felt the bouquet's arrival....A 10.0 floral temblor ;)


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