Saturday, July 19, 2008

Will You "Friend" Me?

Ella Numera Dos symbollically left high school behind her last week.

Those familiar with this space know that Numera Dos participated in the right of passage known as high school graduation in mid-June. Since then, she has focused intently--not on work, nor on family, nor on preparing for that Great Beyond known as Freshman Year of College. No, Dear Readers, she has had her 17-year-old radar trained on networking. Of the Facebook Variety.

Far be it from your Humble Scribe to begin to understand all of the emotional & intellectual Ups & Downs Numera Dos has experienced over the past 6 weeks. Suffice it to say that she surfaced from Networking Limbo on Wednesday when she received her future college roomie's name, along with an e-mail account to the Staid Institution of Higher Learning she will attend in the fall.

What does all this mean, in layman's terms? That Numera Dos has now officially abandoned her High School Facebook Network & now is a Proud Member of a College Facebook group. Or groups. Or something like that. We're not completely sure of the proper terminology, but we know that She Has Arrived.

It's as simple as that.

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Veggie Mom said...

They all seem to be tuned into technology now, don't they? I loved your Birkie Ode, btw!!


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