Thursday, July 24, 2008

Take Another Look Thursday: Del Seks!

We're bringing yous guys a kinda different Take Another Look Thursday today. Maybe we should title it "Take a Closer Look Thursday." Let us explain.

Ella Numera Una is one of the local summer swim team coaches. Her sis, Ella Numera Dos, still swims for said team. A recent team tradition has featured a summer sleepover, to which Every. Girl. On. The. Freakin'. Team is invited. Said Social Occasion is the "brainchild" (to put it loosely) of Ella Una. She is the Hostess with the Mostess. Which means--you guessed it!--that The Scribe & Hubby are really the hosts, the chaperones, the bus boys (well, one's technically a bus girl, if you wanna know the truth!) & the custodial crew when the durn thing's over.

Ella Una was reasonable this year. Which is to say that she planned a Faux Sleepover. The girls were invited to our house for snacks & movies. The plan was to arrive around 8 p.m. and depart, more or less, around 11.

To say that our basement was Awash in Little Girls, ages 6 to 17 (not including Una, who is Legal at the Ripe Old Age of 21) last nite is an understatement. Una stopped taking RSVPs and just issued a blanket invitation at practice a couple of days ago. Our conservative (with apologies to Johnny Mac, the subject of tomorrow's post--oh, we can't wait!) estimate is that 54 girls were clustered around the plasma, shrieking over brownies in the kitchen, or scattering popcorn on the stairs at any given second during the evening.

How do we rate it? We'd give it an 85, Dick. Liked the melody, a tad difficult to dance to. Suffice it to say that a Good. Time. Was. Had. By. All. Even the parentals. And the headline of today's post? It's Norwegian, for Part Six. As in Uff da!


Genny said...

That is a lot of girls! But what fun for them! That's great.

gina said...

All those giggling girls in your home at once. You are brave, very very brave! Looks like they had a really good time.

HappyChyck said...

OMG! You are the coolest mom ever! That's a big shindig! Glad it went well!

Lynda said...

Oh yes, very brave. I'd have gone bonkers!

Clix said...

Awwww XD

BTW, I tagged you for this week's Friday Five cuz I thought it had good questions.

Veggie Mom said...

Miss Melissa: Thanks for your support in our campaign to get Pop'rs noticed on Oprah. Wow! That sleepover sure looks like fun--what a crowd! Thank goodness the whole crew didn't spend the night!

Tara R. said...

Wow! Either incredibly brave, or... we'll leave it at that. Sounds like it was a successful party, good job!


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