Monday, July 21, 2008

Seen, Heard, Noted & Quoted

Seen: Ella Numera Dos, huddled under an umbrella during a light rain, speaking fervently via cellie with a young man she met a couple of weeks ago on her trip to EspaƱa.
Heard: From Big Sis, Ella Numera Una, that Ella Dos was out on the deck "talking to her boyfriend!"
Noted: That this did not appear to be a particularly impassioned conversation of the romantic variety. In fact, they were talking about the upcoming NFL season. The convo was intense enough, however, that the chica did not notice her mama duck out back and take this incriminating snap!
Quoted: "I absolutely can't stand the Redskins! It's Packers, all the way!! But what am I going to do if Brett Favre goes to play for Chicago? I can't root for the Bears!!!" A romantic interlude, if we ever heard one!


Tara R. said...

I understand her quandry... seriously, the Bears? I do love me some NFL, can't wait for fall and Monday nights!

Veggie Mom said...

Oh, my...a romantic discussion about the NFL? What will it be next--National Hockey League patter? My Man and I prefer to discuss baseball!:)

Lynda said...

How did we all function without cell phones as teens... oh yeah, we were connected by a wire and a rotary dial!

Veggie Mom said...

BTW, Aunt Julie needs help planning the rehearsal dinner for her son's wedding, and needs your help. Plus, she's giving away a complete set of Pop'rs in the bargain, starting today-the best way to encourage your family to Eat Their Veggies! Please drop in sometime and check it out!

JoSF said...

A young woman named Ella Dos,
Whose nosy madre gets way too close,
Finally had to say,
"Mommy Put Your Camera Away
Or I'll text Brett Favre these pix of you with no clothes !"

Melissa B. said... Jo out in SF: Muchisimas Gracias! I'll pass your poetry along! :)


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