Wednesday, July 23, 2008

r U shuur dats Haow Weeee speel eductaion?

Yesterday, Fox Noise--we mean News!--aired a story about gas prices affecting the cost of public education. Trouble was, the video caption on the intro spoke of something called Eductaion. OK, Class: Coincidence? Irony? Stupidity? Please discuss!


Lynda said...

You'd think they'd run it through SpellCheck first - go figure.

melissa said...

that is redickulus. ;)

Betty said...

How funny. By the way, I thought of you while I was on vacation because there was one of those "slow children" signs in front of our condo, and my seven year old grandson pointed it out and laughed about it.:)

40 said...

I am too biased and hardly "fair and balanced" when it comes to FoxNews (or as I refer to them FauxNews)... so take it with a grain of salt.

I think they are just hysterical to watch. It's a constant silliness that borders on the absurd.


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