Friday, July 18, 2008

Quite a Pair!

Ode to My Birkies

You've hung around

for 5 years;

Quite a feat, for these old

dogs of mine.

When I get tahrd

I'm not afraid to try you on

for size.

Even though my clodhoppers

sometimes slop

over the edges

of your soles,

Your soul amazes me

and gives me comfort.

Loyal Friend.

Teacher's Pet.

A Comfortable Ride.

A hedge against inflation

in my ankles.

And even though DSW


has a pair like you on sale
(Arizona, natch!),

I'd prefer it if you

hung around another
for at least
One More

Summer Season.

You are my Birkies.



Lynda said...

Amen - love Birks! There are no substitutes :-)

strangenewteacher said...

I've had my Birkies since 2002, and nothing else can quite compare to the feeling I get when I slip them on after a hard week in high heels. They are my shoe chocolate.

KG said...

i've never owned a pair of birks before...but now i am tempted. lovely. said...

They look like my old ones! I got a nice pair this year from I think Costco. They are black and made out of similar material to crocs. I love them! Best of all they are so good for gardening.


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