Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Most Excellent, but Top 20 of All Time? You Decide!

OK, y'all. You know these are the Dog Days of Summer, when...

Your Humble Scribe starts critiquing Other. People's. Lists.

So, thought we knew everything there was to know about Classic Rock, '80s Rock, Rock of the New Millennium, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (sorry--channeling Yul Brynner again!). Turns out We. Were. Wrong.

A blogger who works for Yahoo! and must be better at this Blog Janx than we (by virtue of his 7,053 comments on yesterday's post) came up with a formula & came out with A List. Robert of the Radish claims to have developed the Definitive List of--hold on to your turntables here, folks--The Top 20 Albums of All Time (For Real). (Note: those are his parens, not ours!)

Y'all can click on the links & figure out if this Radish is For Real. You're welcome to focus on his formula, & try to figure out how he got from Here to There. But what we'd really like for you to do is blog to us, and comment on your Favorite Albums of All Time. Or, if you'd like, you may trash Robert of the Radish's picks. It's totally up to you!

And so, without further hoo-haw, we bring you The List, According to Robert of the Radish (what kinda funky blog name is that, anywho?). The Scribe's comments are in itals next to each of The Radish's selections. Drumroll, please!

20. Faith. George Michael. 1987. Wouldn't know George Michael if he came up & bit us on the lip. We were busy having children circa the late-'80s, and kept our tuner dialed to Classical instead of Classic Rock.
19. Appetite For Destruction. Guns 'N' Roses. 1987. The closest we ever got to Guns 'N' Roses is when we went downtown and got stuck in concert traffic near the stadium by mistake. The fans were enough to cure us of ever wanting to hear a track by GNR. OK--we know we're dating ourselves here, but still...
18. Purple Rain. Prince. 1984. OK, we're down with nominating The Artist Formerly Known As Prince for something. After All, We've often Partied Like It's 1999!
17. Houses of the Holy. Led Zepplin. 1973. We agree--it's a keeper.
16. Born in the U.S.A. Bruce Springsteen. 1984. We didn't agree with Reagan using the title track as his campaign anthem, but this is one great disk! BTW, we're head to the Jersey Shore--aka The Land of Bruce--on Friday. To be discussed in another post soon!
15. Nevermind. Nirvana. 1991. Is this the one that contains Smells Like Teen Spirit? Kurt Cobain was a Seriously Scary Guy, but we'll give him a spot on the Top 20, no prob!
14. Van Halen. Van Halen. 1978. OK, who names an album after the band leader, except for Bon Jovi? Is Eddie the one married to Valerie Bertinelli? We know her better for One Day at a Time. The youngin's know her for Jenny Craig. Oh, well.
13. Rumours. Fleetwood Mac. 1977. We seriously love this album! We'd move it into the Top 10. Radish must be a young guy.
12. The Wall. Pink Floyd. 1979. We bought this album, but barely played it after the first week. Can't rightly be too critical, since we wouldn't know what we were talking about!
11. The Joshua Tree. U2. 1987. Bono falls into that late-'80s time frame. Remember, we were into Classical, then. Soothing to the bambinas, easy to fall asleep to...
10. Metallica. Metallica. 1991. Wouldn't put this in the Bon Jovi nor the Van Halen category. More in the Bang! Bang! Wake Up! This is Supposed to Be Music! category, instead. Top 10 material? Why?
9. Led Zepplin. Led Zepplin. 1969. Is this their first album? It was so long ago, but we think we liked it!
8. Hotel California. The Eagles. 1976. Ho, hum. California Rock was never our style. The Eagles. Big Deal. Too mellow. BTW, Don Henley & Co. are touring in suits now!
7. The White Album. The Beatles. 1968. Showing our age again, but this is some kinda serious album, for all the right reasons. We'da picked it for #1 or #2. Sheer Genius on Vinyl.
6. Led Zepplin IV. Led Zepplin. 1971. Did Page & Plante just get too lazy to name their albums? We're not sure which one this is. The early-'70s exists in a sort of fog, don'tcha know...
5. Abbey Road. The Beatles. 1968. Well, we'd put The White Album ahead of AR, but both should be in the Top 5!
4. Physical Graffiti. Led Zepplin. 1975. OK, enough with the Zepplin, already. Are ya saying ya can't put at least one Supremes disk in the Top 5? OK, that was slightly facetious...
3. Thriller. Michael Jackson. 1982. Totally agree with this pick & this spot!
2. The Dark Side of the Moon. Pink Floyd. 1973. Pink Floyd again? Seriously?
1. Songs in the Key of Life. Stevie Wonder. 1976. This is a lovely album, which picks us up every time we hear it. Totally deserves the Top 5. But whatever happened to Sgt. Pepper?


Deanna said...

Hmmmmm... of all time? My hubs would agree with the Pink Floyd album. He thinks "The Wall" is it, but I am ready to scratch my eyeballs out after listening to it for five minutes.

How can anyone pick a list for all time? I mean... there was no Elvis on that list? You ain't nothing but a hounddog without Elvis. (Just kidding!)

Veggie Mom said...

Thanks for the thanks on the Bloggy Award! I agree with you here about Led Zepp. We used to call them Led Zip. And as for The Beatles? Well, if they'd made 20 albums, I'd nominate them all! :)

KG said...

Most of those I moderately agree least being in the top 20, maybe not with the exact placement.

I'm a little surprised with the number of Led Zepp albums and Pink Floyd albums. Personally, IV and Dark Side of the Moon are the best of their albums repsectively.

Also, where were these:
Jimi Hendrix
The Rolling Stones
Bob Dylan
and anything post 1990 besides Nirvana

Elizabeth said...

I'd say at least 10 of these would be in my Top 20 also!

M.A. said...

I was happy to see Led Zeppelin on there, as I am a huge fan. However, I think he could have stopped at two of their albums and thrown someone else a bone. There are a lot of great albums out there.

CBeth said...

as much as i hate to say it, i think that "best" albums correlate with "top" albums (i mean consumerism yields popularity does it not?) so out of the top five most selling albums of all time (the eagles greatest hits, thriller by mj, the wall-- pink floyd, led zeppelin IV, back in black-- acdc,billy joel's greatest hits and garth brook's double live, side note #3 and #5 are tied with pf/lz and bj/gb respectively) the list does reflect what americans buy (aside from billy and garth). however, too much led zeppelin, im not a fan of metallica, and yes, where is the rest of the later 90s music??

ps-- did you know that shania twain's come on over is #6 on the top selling list?? interesting.


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