Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gotta Love Those Inservices!

For those looking for an antidote to the Summertime Blues, Teacher Ed is the topic of the 178th Carnival of Education, hosted this week by (an aspiring) Educator. The Scholastic Scribe--natch!--is one of the edu-blogs featured this week, waxing & waning poetically on Summertime Lessons. Many of our other Bloggy Friends have spots in the Inservice cum Student Teacher Training cum Grad Student Studies Carnival, all focused under the umbrella of Professional Development. Click on these links to read who's saying what in the Wonderful World of Education:
  • The English Teacher discusses the Tyranny of Technology. Why does an inservice have to be so doggone insipid?
  • Teaching Tips opines on the 50, Must-Read, Up-and-Coming Blogs by Teachers. Several of The Scribe's friends made the cut, but Your Humble Scribe--alas!--is not among them. We'll have to do something about that!
  • Right on the Left Coast discusses the Teacher Who Was Suspended for assigning her inner-city kids a book on the verboten list.
  • Build a School counsels that There is Nothing New Under the Sun, in revealing that a Pulitzer Prize- winning columnist fessed up to his lack of originality. A great lesson in honesty, avoiding plagiarism & acknowledging one's mistakes!
  • Our friend Mrs. Bluebird, always the Practical Educator, discusses shoe choice & fashion in A Teacher's Best Investment. We favor Birkies in the Classroom, ourselves!
  • Mr. Teacher, one who likes to push the proverbial Edge of the Envelope, produces a promotional video in My Very Own Infomercial!
  • Line 46, who's moving on to admin in August, explains the bane of her existence as a teacher--Pushy Parents!--in Long Story Long. We snagged the cartoon for This Post from her completely excusable rant. Thanks, 46! (We sound a tad like Maxwell Smart there, don't we?)
  • Our Beloved Bloggy Friend Richie, over at Bellingers, connects the dots quite nicely with Audit Reports, Teacher In-Service & How Bozo Ended Up in Dante’s Circle of Hell. The Scribe, BTW, is a Proud Product of the much-ballyhooed & often-maligned Dallas Independent School District that Richie writes so eloquently about!
  • NYC Educator gossips about--well, gossip, of course!--in People Will Talk.
  • J.M Holland of Lead from the Start affirms that preschool benefits everyone in It Doesn't Matter How Rich Your Kid Is. The Scribe Chicas both went to preschool. We're advocates of promoting Play-Doh Education to All Cherubs! Nice snap of Dubya with this post, BTW.

Just a handful of the 40-odd Education Posts featured in this week's Carnival. Don't think we've ever had so much fun gettin' Professionally Developed! The MAH-velous Mamacita over at Scheiss Weekly will be hosting The 179th Carnival of Education next Wednesday. Do send her a entry, using this handy-dandy submission form, but of course! And, remember--Everyone's a Winner! Hope to see ya there!


Veggie Mom said...

Like the cartoon, but you teachers aren't ALL so harsh, are you? BTW: Recipe Alert! Aunt Julie bakes a Strawberry Rhubarb pie at You liked last week's Blueberry Pie so much, I thought you should know about this dessert delight as well. Check it out!

Melissa B. said...

Veggie: Of course I'm not a Grouchy Teacher. The cartoon is ironic, in a way. Most of my students do their work, & it's brilliant! :)

Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

I love the cartoon! LOVE IT!

Thanks for the mention of next week's carnival: people can also send their contributions directly to me at:

Did I mention that I love the cartoon?

Melissa B. said...

Mamacita: This cartoon is right up your humorous alley, ain't it?


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