Wednesday, July 9, 2008

EXTRA, EXTRA! Read All About It!!

Since Your Humble Scribe is a former periodista, she feels compelled to keep her Bloggy Buds up-to-date on the goings-on in the Blogosphere. Let's recap the past couple of days:

  • This Week's Carnival of Education, 179th Edition, is being hosted today by Mamacita, over at the indomitable Scheiss Weekly. Mama's got some 46 posts goin' on, ranging from Teachers Who Drastically Changed the World (sadly, The Scribe is not on that list, for some strange reason!) to a really fun Exploding Watermelon Experiment. Of course, Our Dissertation on The Fourth of July, The Flag and Irony made the cut. Alas, Alanis Morissette has not yet checked in with us with her take on the irony of it all! Mamacita even included a couple of posts from permalink-challenged personas who could not quite figure out which button to hit or copy or click in order to become part of the electronic Carnival. Way to go, Mamacita! Next week's Carnival will be hosted by Steve Spangler Science. To submit a post to Good Ol' Steve, just use this handy-dandy submission form!

  • Tara, over at If Mom Says OK, plans to Celebrate a Big One next week. The 16th is her One-Year Blogaversary--quite the milestone, young lady! She wants to post a little ol' Q&A forum that day, answering all those questions you've always wanted to to ask. As she says in Today's Post, Give a call, we'll talk, no big whoop, "I’ll follow my ol’ collegiate Rhetoric class rules… I will either decline to answer (feel free to taunt my cowardice, but remember my kids and in-laws read this so keep it as clean as possible) or I will provide you with way too much information ~ not that I haven’t already." So, start questioning away--we're pretty sure Tara would love to hear from y'all!

  • We're not so much the competitive types, but two Bloggy Contests leave us asking for more. First off, the SITS Sisters over at The Secret is in the Sauce, are offering a Free $100 Target Gift Card (that's Tar-Jay, to you more sophisticated types!) to one lucky blogger; don't know about y'all, but we've got a college-bound child at home, and the Big Red Bull's-Eye is just the ticket! In addition, Veggie Mom, of Eat Your Veggies! fame, is doing another Great Pop'rs Giveaway. There's nothing like sprinkling some Pop'rs seasonings on a freshly picked watermelon. We tried some a while back--Can you say delish? PS: All you have to do for both contests is to leave a comment. How hard can that be?

  • Of course, can't leave you all without plugging our own endeavors now, can we? Tomorrow is Take Another Look Thursday, and we're excited about what's in store! Remember, all you have to do to enter is to send a mini-review to, and we'll run that sucker!

  • And last, but never least, stay tuned for another installment of our patently hilarious Silly Summer Sunday Sweepstakes, that contest with no real winner & no tangible prize! We received a record number of responses to our Slow Children prompt. BTW, if you still want to comment, the lines are still open! This coming Sunday, we return to snaps of a feline variety. Stay tuned!


Sean Hogan said...

How was el juego de los Nationals?
I'm going tonight with mi novia.

Melissa B. said...

El juego es esta noche. See ya there! PS: Went by the school today to see your honors. Muy bien!

Sean Hogan said...

Muy bueno juego!!

Melissa B. said...

Hoagie: It was the first juego I've been to when those Annoying Gnats came out on top. Yay for us!

Sean Hogan said...

Had I seen your post before I left, I would have looked out for you and given you my cell number to meet up!

But si, si, el juego esta muy bueno!


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