Saturday, June 14, 2008

You know it's Summer when you start watching game shows--especially the older ones. We're sure that's what Mr. Teacher had in mind when he hosted the 175th Carnival of Education this week. Among the 54 game-show contestants is Yours Truly, commenting on Fear & Loathing Outside of The State of Kansas--AKA, what to do when you haven't had a lot of tornado drill practice & a twister touches down 2 miles from school.

Of course you'll have to visit Mr. Teacher on the set to decide for yourself who to name Queen for a Day, but several recent edu-blogs deserve mention in this space.
  • Contemplate the Meaning of the Universe & how much teachers earn in comparison to other professions with Where's the Sun?.

  • The School Bus Driver fills us in on behavior issues on the Big Yellow Cheese.

  • In "Learning from the Experts," Strange New Teacher posts several student suggestions designed to help teachers connect with their Cherubs.

  • The Hall Monitor comments on a couple of senior pranks that stand out.

  • And speaking of senior pranks, Scholar's Notebook weighs in on free speech issues revolving around Confederate Flags & Bong Hits 4 Jesus.

  • NYC Educator bemoans the fact that technology might have passed his classroom trailer by.

  • Jeff, over at Build a School, lists those all important Graduation Do's & Don'ts.

  • Over in Bluebird's Classroom, Mrs. Bluebird swears she's on Summer Break, but doesn't see much evidence of that fact, since she's still working, working, working!

  • Mamacita says that "other people's words are far more powerful than mine. Funnier, too." We beg to differ, but enjoyed reading her tribute to Famous Quotations, ranging from Anonymous to James Baldwin to Frank Zappa, may he rest in peace.

  • And, last but never least, please check out Our Dear Cyber Friend Ms. Bellringer's ode to "Empty Parking Lots, the Last Teacher Standing & a Rebel Yell." Last we heard, Richie was headed to the Gulf Coast with a few good books for a technology-less VAY-cay. You go, girl!

Thanks, Mr. Teacher, for hosting this week! Next week's Carnival of Education will be hosted by Pass the Torch. If you'd like to contribute, just send in this handy-dandy submission form. Hope to read what you have to say!


Kelly @ Pass the Torch said...

Thanks so much for mentioning this week's carnival!

Melissa B. said...

Kelly: No problema! I look forward to the Carnival every week! :)


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