Friday, June 20, 2008

It Takes a Village

Our Summer Social Season is underway. By that we mean that Swim Season Has Started.

An explanation, to those our you who are not Swim Fanatics. In our neck of the woods, summer swimming is where it's at. For six weeks each summer, our lives--both literally & figuratively--revolve around Ye Olde Swimming Pool. The Gladiators in this drama, of course, are the swimmers, ages 18 & Under. But other players strut upon this stage, which reeks slightly of chlorine, suntan lotion & bug spray.

Yes, the kiddos swim, but the Entire Family gets involved in this Summer Season Janx. More than 100 cherubs, coached by 4 able-bodied young people, are the main cast of characters. But think, for a second, how many people that really involves, when you count all the families of said Acquatic Phenoms. The parade of pasta dinners, ice cream socials, silly relays and trips to Dumb Disney Movies, not to mention the Saturday morning meets, Monday evening meets, relay meets, divisional meets and All-Star carnivals is endless.

This is our Summer Family. The cast of characters has changed over the years, but the script basically remains the same. Sweet Denise, who attended even the most-humid, 102-degree, bug-infested, crazy relay meet dressed in her Finest, succumbed to breast cancer last year, the day after Mother's Day. What a classy lady. Crazy Carmen, whose spirit imbued each festivity with the lunacy of those having an abundance of fun doing silly things (see her in the center of the ice cream social photo, wielding an ice cream scoop), left the team when her kids started favoring lacrosse over swimming. Lovely Lynn, who in this picture (she's on the right) looks a little shell-shocked, still keeps tabs on the team's hijinx, even though her kids no longer compete.
These women were the Core of our Summer Existence for so many years. We've seen hundreds of swimmers, coaches and parents grow up, graduate & go on to Greener Pastures during 15 seasons with the team. Ella Numera Una is now an assistant coach. Numera Dos is in her second-to-last season as a swimmer. Over this decade-and-a-half, we've timed, cooked, put together the end-of-season slide show, & published the weekly team newsletter. The Hubby is Swim Team Official Extraordinaire, serving as Referee, Starter, Stroke-and-Turn Judge, Marshal, Timer & everything else you'd care to imagine. As parents, The Hubby & His Scribe will soon "graduate" from swim team. As they say, gone but not forgotten.

The Swim Team Social Season kicked off last nite with a Chinese potluck dinner. The theme this week is "Kung Fu Panda," centering, no doubt, around the Jack Black flick that the coaches will drag the wee ones to this afternoon. Can't wait to see the skit the team comes up with tomorrow morning (we're still in mourning, since the Social Committee nuked "Disco Day"). We're up to our ears in Swim Team Spirit, and loving every minute of it!


Sean Hogan said...

Completely unrelated, but guess who I saw today? I'll give you 2 hints: he was at Village Chicken and he didn't go to Prom with ella numero uno.

Melissa B. said...

Ah, the former Editor whose image is enshrined in the Journalism Office? He'll always regret not becoming my son-in-law, I'm sure. How the heck is he, anyway?

Sean Hogan said...

Yes yes yes. He's good, really enjoying JMU (and the partying I assume as well). He mostly just asked about me, and my order came up just as he was getting in so we didn't get to chat for very long.

My shift starts at Subway in 2 minutes, so I can't do the OHHS Picks, but I will before next Thursday!


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