Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Love-Hate Relationship

Things We Love about High School Yearbooks
  • Seeing the Final Product--It always comes out so much better than we anticipated!
  • Receiving Kudos on a Job Well Done!
  • Looking at Our Cherubs' radiant faces as they are congratulated on a Job Well Done.
  • Sitting around the Quiet Journalism Suite (oxymoron?) while kids scan the book & and make comments.
  • Sitting around the Quiet Journalism Suite (an extended oxymoron?) while kids sign each other's books.
  • Seeing the look on a "regular" (as opposed to a "popular") kid's face when he sees his picture in a candid on the cover.
  • Becoming the Most Popular Teacher in the building because we have the Power to Dispense Empty Boxes to Our Peers (teachers have to pack up everything and store it at the end of each school year).
  • Receiving an ovation at the Senior Assembly when we announce that the Yearbooks Have Arrived.
  • Combing the yearbook, page by page, and finding few faults with it.
  • Raking in the dinero from Last-Minute Shoppers, who fork over $70 per book (that's a heck of a lot of Benjamins, yo!).

Things We Hate About High School Yearbooks

  • Disgruntled parents who call/e-mail every 5 seconds, complaining about silly thangs that we can't control (I don't like the way my daughter's hair looks in her portrait; where's my son's portrait? Oh, yea, we didn't have one taken; My son is too shy to pick up his yearbook--what do I do?)
  • Disgruntled parents who visit our classroom with silly complaints/suggestions (I don't like the cover; I don't like the price; I don't like your distribution process; Why can't you mail books home? But why does it cost $20 per book to mail them?).
  • Disgruntled parents. 'Nuff said.
  • Cherubs who come after school to help us distribute said yearbooks, but sit on the couch instead.
  • Cherubs who wish to help us distribute said yearbooks who wait for someone to tell them what to do.
  • Becoming the Most Popular Teacher in the Building because of the Boxes. Boxes. And More Boxes. And, no, we don't have any more Boxes today!
  • Combing the yearbook, page by page for a second time, & finding faults we didn't find before.
  • The Yearbook Riot that ensues during distribution each year.
  • High & Mighty Administrators who are Quick to Criticize, but don't compliment us for a Job Well Done.
  • Having to declare the Journalism Suite off-limits to the custodial staff because we can't put all of the yearbooks under lock & key. Our space gets downright filthy with all those kids hanging around & no cleaning assistance in sight!


mybellringers said...

Finally! Someone else who uses the phrase "yearbook riot."

In fact, I even saved a note from a gajillion years ago from a newspaper staffer who taped a message to my office door while I was on the phone (probably with a disgruntled parent). We had a line out the door--for what else?--yearbooks. This is what his note said… "I am leaving. I refuse to be part of the yearbook riot which is about to occur."

I, of course, often wish that I too could opt out of the yearbook riots. sigh.

Hope you survived your yearbook riot ;-)

Melissa B. said...

mybells: This entire week will feature a DAILY yearbook riot, because we distribute by classes--seniors Monday, juniors Tuesday, etc. I was even verbally & slightly physically (shoved-no cuts or bruises, & I could have taken him if I'd been allowed) abused by a senior a few years back who couldn't pick up his book because of a huMONgous outstanding fine (something about destroying a drinking fountain, I think). Typical case of 'Roid Rage at Our Humble High School. Were the Spartans that "active" back in your day?

Tara R. said...

Job well done! That's a huge undertaking and no matter what complaints, you know everyone loves them.

Melissa B. said...

Tara R.: Thanx for your kind comments. I swear, sometimes Those In Charge don't realize that a couple of attaboys is all one needs to remain content.

sexy said...



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