Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Can't Come Soon Enough!

Even though we have FIVE MORE DAYS with The Little Cherubs, & 2 Stupid Teacher Days after that--with NO AC, we might add--summer Officially Started for The Scholastic Scribe yesterday, with our first dip in Ye Olde Community Swimming Pool.

We've been visiting Local Swimmin' Holes (when we can't get to The Beach, our fave destination!) since before we could learn to walk. Even in Our Dotage, we still swim 2-3 miles per week at the local rec center. But that's an Indoor Pool. Inaugurating summer with a dip in the Outdoor Pool in our neighborhood is the thing to do!

So we packed up the Speedo Bag with the goggles, kickboard & fins, donned the ever-so-attractive suit, & made the 5-minute pilgrimage to La Piscina. The Hubby was already there, wearing garish orange trunks that his sister gave him several years ago for a Cayman Islands Jaunt, & Ella Numera Dos is a guard, so 3/4 of La Familia was intact (Ella Numera Una, who's one of the swim team coaches & a pool manager, will be back from college next week, so the family will be complete!).

Tell ya, the water was refreshing, the sun was blazin' (our area clocked in with 98 degrees yesterday, with 100 percent humidity--a record for this time of year), & the laps came quasi-easily. The shoulders hurt a tad, 'cause we've been jack-assin' classroom furniture & yearbooks all week (more on this term & this practice later in the week), but we got in 2,000 meters--that's more than a mile, for those of you who are counting!

Snapped a shot to make you jealous. Notice the fins, kickboard & water bottle on the right in Lane 1--those belong to your Swimmin' Scribe. We're transforming soon from The Scholastic Scribe to The Pool Rat--at least when school's out--so stay tuned!


Clix said...

ZOMG - no AC? I would hug you in sympathy, but sticky hugs are rarely pleasant! :(

Melissa B. said...

Clix: Thanks for the sympathy. We've got AC thru Friday. The trouble will be coming in for the work days on Monday & Tuesday. I'm trying to get most everything done now, so that I just have to "show up" M&T, check out, & say "adios" for summer!

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