Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Blogging & Being a Winner

Lately, we've been having a Devil of a time with the weather! It's been raining buckets, & interrupting a lot of our outdoor plans. Two afternoon swim meets in a row have been canceled, & water keeps trying to sneak down the basement steps & into our office.

Geesh! Guess the only Saving Grace of Mother Nature's Wrath is that every storm eventually ends. And occasionally brings a rainbow as it exits. Check out the photo above. Tried to be a tad artistic in this one, so angled the camera and cozied up to the day lilies for more effect.

Today's Post is a scooch random, as our Nana used to say, but there's a Method to Our Madness. Over the 3 months or so that we've Belonged to the Blogosphere, we've seen tons of interesting brainchilds of fascinating people. Was trying to explain the art of Blogging to a neophyte the other day. For want of another term, we likened Blogging to birthing & then nurturing a Cyber Child. OK, that may be a little extreme, but those of you who tend to the daily care & feeding of Your Blogs know what we mean. A Blog can be a very personal thing.

Stumbled upon an interesting one (a Blog, that is) the other day. While many of us out in Cyberspace certainly have an agenda, haven't ever seen one quite like this. The Blogger, who calls herself Veggie Mom, says she's concerned about family-type issues. Her earlier posts, on Children's Health & the Environment, indicate that her Heart is in the Right Place. But there's a cute twist to her newly lauched Blog, Eat Your Veggies! --Veggie Mom is trying to balance content concerns with a commercial enterprise, & is pretty up front about the Whole Janx. Her Blog is a Rainbow of Possibilities, if that's not too much of a stretch.

You'll have to visit Eat Your Veggies! to see what we mean. In Today's Post, she's come up with an interesting diversion, which all you teachers out there who are in "summertime mode" might enjoy. Veggie Mom is incorporating writing with a Blog Giveaway. Sounds intriguing to us!

So, Check It Out, if you have the time. Lend our Bloggy Friend some encouragement. And enter her contest, if you're so inclined. You might Be a Winner!


Veggie Mom said...

Thanks so much for the mention! And thanks for entering our giveaway! Life just gets better with Pop'rs in the equation. Our contest runs thru Friday, so please check us out at http://poprs.blogspot.com/2008/06/giveaway-tuesday.html

Melissa B. said...

No problema! Always happy to help a Bloggy Friend!


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