Saturday, June 21, 2008

Paint the Town

Swim season officially started today, the First Full Day of Summer! Arrived in the Blockbuster parking lot at Oh-Dark-30 this morning, pumped & ready to go (we caravan/carpool to away meets)! As we mentioned yesterday's post, this is Ella Numera Dos' second-to-last summer swim season. When she finishes up next year, that will be 15 seasons. Can't believe that a decade-and-a-half have passed--like that--Right Before Our Eyes, as they say.

One down, five more to go. Not that it's a chore or anything, but if Ella Dos decides to do 4th of July Relays, that will make the count one down, six more to go. And that doesn't include the Monday Nite Meets that she competes in, vying for a faster Saturday seeding.

Yes, it's hot & buggy & stinky & loud & we always seem to get the Seats in the Sun, but Your Scribe can name swimmers & records dating back to 1994, when Numera Una first started competing. The truth is, we get an enormous amount of satisfaction witnessing these Acquatic Spectacles each summer. And so does Ella Numera Dos, although at the Ripe Old Age of 17, she'd never admit it to a soul!


Mike Pitre said...

Hi Miss B, Mike Pitre here from Bohemian Knuckleboogie, writing to thank you for giving the band a shout out on your blog. Sure glad to hear that Ella Numero Dos graduated and that Knuckleboogie’s funky butt blues helped in the celebration. I enjoy reading your blog too, as a teacher back when---- elementary ed, including music,in the Bronx, Houston and Contra Costa County in northern California. I graduated from Port Arthur Lincoln High School, where I learned trumpet and where my dad, Walter Pitre, was band director. I got the itch to play the blues professionally in Port Arthur. I hear from your sister, Miss Jo, that you’re a Janis Joplin fan, who of course also hailed from Port Arthur. I dedicated a recent tune, “Cocktails & Lace,” to Janis. You know, teaching and music, it's all the blues....Happy Summer from San Fran !

Melissa B. said...

Mike--Jo gave us a copy of your latest CD, which we boomed over the plasma TV at the graduation party. It's in my car right now, & guess what? "Cocktails & Lace" is one of my faves! Anything I can do to help the band, let me know. Texas has turned out a lot of great musicians, including you! Thanks for checking in, & give a shout out to everyone in the Bay Area!


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