Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Obviously, I would have loved to win. I don't know what else to say."

"They wanted a show, they got one."

Thanks, Rocco. The 45-year-old with the bad back and the Italian surname (Mediate? Wonder how they pronounce it in the Old Country) captured Your Humble Scribe's imagination & interest over the last couple of days. He almost took out the Number One Golfer--dare we say Athlete?--in the Known Universe yesterday. Professional golf will never be the same.

Let's be clear. The Scholastic Scribe is no golf fan. The Hubby has been a golfer since he could toddle around and heft a putter. His Lovely Wife used to use golf clubs for self-defense when we lived on Capitol Hill. The wedge, we've found, is a particularly potent weapon.

Yes, we're sports-minded. Over the years we've swum, and have played tennis, softball, soccer & basketball with enthusiasm, if not always grace. We love watching professional baseball, & college basketball has a special place in our hearts (yes, mama hailed from Indiana--we're Half Hoosier, dontcha know).

But golf? Golf? Golf is not a game, it's a hobby that takes too much time. The Hubby was as shocked as His Bride that we doggedly kept tabs on Rocco & his pursuit of the Open Trophy, especially yesterday, when we juggled watching the Open with Our Humble High School's Graduation, grocery shopping, & wrapping up the end-o-the-year High School Janx. And when a thunderstorm briefly cut off the satellite power as Rocco & Tiger reached the 17th green, we switched to the streaming video online.

Rocco's iconic run was a Thing of Beauty for the record-books, even though he didn't win. Our AP English Cherubs might term him a Tragic Hero, minus the hubris. We might tune in to the next golf tourney, just to see if Rocco makes the cut.


Mr. Fairway said...

Nice post! We were all cheering for Rocco because he represents everyman.

Melissa B. said...

Mr. Fairway: I agree. I'm tired of all of our supposed "heroes" -- they don't have that "everyman" touch!

Sean Hogan said...

You left out field hockey!


Actually, they're angry, not dangerous. Or at least they are as far as I know.

Melissa B. said...

Field Hockey? I don't play the sport--just a spectator. Seven seasons' worth of weird coaches, player abuse & handicapping the chances of one of my chicas actually playing (the first was benched in favor of a Congressman's daughter who, BTW, wasn't very good, & the second rode the splintered pine because of an injury--when she was cleared to play by the trainer, the coach forgot to put her in) has made me immune to comment on this odd, crab-like sport!

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