Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Power to Ya!

The 176th Carnival of Education is hosted by Pass the Torch this week. The theme is Empowerment. As always, Our Buddy Bellringers has a nifty little ditty, this time about warning flags--at the beach and in the classroom--that will tickle your fancy. When you visit the Carnival, please give Most Excellent Kudos to Kelly--she was having a heck of a week battling the Creatures of Cyberspace just to bring us the Best in Blogging. Next week's Carnival will be hosted on Wednesday, the 25th, by Our New Buddy, Where's the Sun?. If you'd like to get published, just use this handy-dandy submission form. The Scholastic Scribe's most recent tale of Empowerment--a paen to Daddies, Daughters & Grandbabies--got lost in the proverbial cyberspace cracks, so while we're waiting for it to join the Carnival, you're free to click here before you go there.


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