Monday, June 16, 2008

“I’m going to keep that chair forever. That’s my chair now.”

Luke Russert to Matt Lauer on this a.m.'s "Today Show," when asked about yesterday's poignant moment on the set of "Meet the Press." Russert was a class act. His son certainly is living up to the family name. The only thing we want to know is: What the hell will we do on Election Nite without Russert & the dry-erase board?


40 said...

Boy do I echo your comments... what the hell will we do on election night? It is awful to watch NBC news and see the look of downright heartbreak in the eyes of their news division. What a loss.

But, his son is living testament to his incredible life.

I am really going to miss Tim Russert.

Melissa B. said...

40: Did you see Luke greeting mourners at his father's wake yesterday? I'm told he stood there for a couple of hours, thanking everyone from pol to celeb to tourist to everyman & everywoman. What a class act!

40 said...

When I did the same at my father's funeral it was a strange ordeal. I was surprisingly strong and so proud of my father that I soldiered on... until my wife and baby son got there. Then it was so hard for me.

Luke is a great kid - that is obvious. I wonder where his talents will take him? I hope it's doing as much good as his father did in the same classy way.

Melissa B. said...

40: Did you check out the Kennedy Center memorial service for Russert today? Luke's eulogy was awesome!


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