Monday, June 9, 2008

I Say Goodbye...You Say Hello

Teaching high school is like riding a great big ol' merry-go-round--of tasks, of relationships, of friendships, & especially, of emotions. We've begun the Big Senior Sendoff at Our Humble High School. The Scholastic Scribe has now bid an Official Adios to all of her Senior Journalistas; with only the neophytes remaining in Newspaper, Yearbook & Journalism 1, summer is looking a HECK of a lot closer now.

We're also waiting anxiously to pass a huMONgous milestone in our own family this week--Ella Numera Dos graduates from high school on Thursday. Your Scribe's little sis is flying in from San Fran tonite, & Ella Numera Una flies in from Wisconsin tomorrow. Hold your collective breaths for the arrival of Numera Una--big thunder boomers are anticipated in our area around the time the Chiquita is supposed to touch down. Keep your fingers crossed & Say a Little Prayer for the Scribe Family, please.

When The Eldest graduated from high school three years ago, we swore we weren't going to cry as all of the "lasts" paraded before us: the last first day of high school; the last high school field hockey game; the last Madrigals concert; the last high school swim meet. We held it together pretty well until the Mother's Day picnic for Ella's club swim team. Sitting at a picnic table in a stone pavillion with about 80 gazillion little kids running in and out, we waited patiently while the coach--whom we've known since Ella was 8--started to give out awards. Everything seemed rather pro forma until we realized that Coach was speaking about Ella. Your Humble Scribe promptly burst into tears. Alligator tears, at that!

When Numera Una graduated, she took after her mother in one regard. When the last name had been called & the principal instructed all the grads to turn their tassles, 99.9 percent of the kids started screaming, shouting, & generally carrying on. Ella Numera Una sat on her folding chair sobbing. Both she and we were startled by the reaction.

Ella Numera Dos doesn't have as many sentimental genes as her older sister. All year, we listened to her grouse about this, carp about that, and say things like, "I hate high school! I can't wait 'til June!" It was a forgone conclusion that this child was gonna finish up and move on outta here--sentiment be damned!

But Lo & Behold, the child has a soft spot after all. She was putting together the soundtrack for the Senior Slide Show last nite, & she started waxing nostalgic. Turns out she's a Tad Sad to leave it all behind her. She'll miss her friends. She'll even miss some of her teachers. And, yes, Dear Readers, she might even bawl on Graduation Night. Her Mama will be right there with her--every step of the way!


teachergirl said...

PrepGirl is a rising Junior and she is already talking about leaving. The whole can't wait, college is going to be so great... you know the drill.. and every time she does, my heart breaks just a little. I cried the first time she and her sister weren't in the children's choir. I can't wait to see what happens to me her Senior Year.

Melissa B. said...

TG: I've held it together pretty well so far this year. The youngest is an enigma, though, to be sure. I'm sure I'll lose it at least once this week!


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