Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Goodbye, Girls...& Guys

If you haven't checked out Saturday's Post, you should. The 19 Senior Scribes featured there are a pretty savvy--and hilarious--bunch.

If you've perused the post & haven't noticed the theme running thru this slideshow, it's the young man with the longish hair who's in every photo. He started off in our Journalism 1 class three years ago as a froshie, but felt compelled to take other electives the next two years of high school. He returned to join both the newspaper & yearbook staffs his senior year. He's a marvelous writer & a quirky individual, so that's why he's honored in the Senior Superlative pixes in this fashion. The Cherubs, BTW, came up with these superlative designations on their own.

The two young women pictured above--who won the honor of "Most Likely to Teach You How to Pop It & Lock It"--went missing in the post from Saturday. Their superlative designation is there, but PhotoBucket seems to have lost the photo! We're re-posting it so that you can have a little chuckle of your own. A little background, first.

Both girls are quiet, reserved & gracious. They were crammed into a 39-student Journalism 1 class with Your Humble Scribe as Cruise Director their freshman year. Besides being enormously gifted on the Journalistic Stage, they're also Performers in Their Own Right. Both dance, & the chica on the left also acts & sings. The way they expressed themselves in that crowded maelstrom of High School Freshman-ness three years ago was by going out in the hall (when they were supposed to be interviewing, no doubt) & teaching their peers how to dance. We think their Dance Partner for this particular Photo Shoot is a good egg for gettin' out in the hallway to get down.

A Post Script to this raucous, rambunctious group: The seniors had to answer a questionnaire, of sorts, before they skeddadled. One of the questions: "If you could describe your time on the staff as the plot of a reality series, what would it be?" One of the responses is recorded below:

"Our staff is like 'John & Kate Plus 8.' It's the cutest show ever, because of the dynamic characters. The mom is bolstering & so loving of her little toddlers (all six), plus her twins, just like you are in charge of The Cherubs. There is no dad on our staff because that would be weird, but all the little children all have distinct personalities that make their family crazy."

Adios, Seniors! See you at Graduation on Monday!

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