Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Educators Move to the Jersey Shore

Ahhhhh...Summertime, so that must mean we're going to Relocate to the Beach! The 177th Carnival of Education, hosted by Where's the Sun? , has set up its midway at the Jersey Shore.

Your Humble Scribe--natch!--has two entries posted at this Vacation Destination. She waxes profoundly on the meaning of Summertime Hues and, of course, invites you to Take Another Look Thursday--BTW, Edition #2 of this Summertime Treat airs tomorrow on This Here Blog! You're welcome to contribute--it's a collaborative effort, after all! The More the Merrier!

Two Carnival Entries of note: Our Dear Bloggy Friend, Bellringers, weighs in on the Meaning of Life, with Self-Pity, Serendipity & Tootsie Rolls. Yummmm! Gotta love those Tootsie Rolls! Ian, who hails from the UK, opines on The Personal Essay as the True Reflection of a writer's character. We agree!

Next week's Carnival will be hosted by (an aspiring) Educator. To contribute, please use this handy-dandy submission form. As summertime waxes & wanes, we look forward to hearing what our Edumacator Friends have to say for themselves. Stay tuned...

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